Cabot Wealth Network - One of the oldest independently-owned financial advisory services in the U.S.

Since 1970, Cabot Wealth Network has served hundreds of thousands of investors in more than 140 countries as a trusted independent source of advice for individuals seeking to take control of their investments, find the best stocks, build wealth and live their best lifestyle. Cabot currently offers more than 25 investment advisory services, memberships and an annual investors summit. Cabot employees take pride in providing customers with intelligent investment advice and timely, personal service – without the hype and fabricated claims so often found in the market.

Premium Memberships

Cabot Prime Pro Membership

For elite investors: Get dozens of investing advisories and premium reports, plus exclusive access to expert analysts.

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Cabot Prime Plus Membership

For investors who want to own the best stocks, collect the biggest profits, and lock in a rising source of income for life.

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Cabot Retirement Club Membership

The premier resource for dividend- and income- seeking investors who want to retire rich, with insights about how to boost your income.

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Cabot Sector Xpress Club

Get sector-specific advisories and reports about investing in the gold, metals, cannabis, clean energy, and green-tech industries.

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Cabot Money Club

Get all the tools and resources for gaining the peace-of-mind to live comfortably now and in retirement, including a monthly magazine.

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Premium Advisories


Helping investors build wealth with growth-investing strategies since 1970, with our legendary Model Portfolio.

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For experienced investors: Your ticket to discovering the market’s strongest stocks—those under accumulation now.

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Limited-circulation advisory: Discover hidden, high-potential, small-company stocks that can make you rich.

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Early-stage stock expert guides you to get in first on stocks poised to soar, before the rest of the crowd.

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As marijuana becomes legal, it makes sense for growth-oriented investors to pay attention to the great opportunities in cannabis stocks.

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Expert perspective, insights, education and investing recommendations on all crypto asset classes in today’s hottest sector.

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A sector-specific advisory to help investors take advantage of rising values of gold, silver and other precious and rare earth elements.

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The green energy revolution isn’t coming. It’s here. Most investors are missing this story, but this advisory will profitably guide you.

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Safe income- and dividend-growth advice for investors in—or preparing for—a rich retirement.

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Learn about conservative investing strategies that deliver you double-digit income to boost your retirement.

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Get the “best stock to buy now” every week, culled from seven of our top advisories and providing diverse perspectives.

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Emerging markets are a big trend, but we also look at companies growing and profiting all around the world.

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Every month you’ll get actionable ideas for allocating your long-term and tactical portfolios using exchange-traded funds.

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For beginners and expert options traders: Learn about using calls, puts, and covered calls to make quick profits while limiting risk.

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For experienced options traders: Basic and advanced options strategies to make the most of your trades.

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Learn how to make money three ways from growth stocks, combining chart wizardry and options methods for low-risk wealth-building.

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Get the scoop on micro stocks with maximum profits to gain in a short period of time, to grow your wealth faster.

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Be first to learn about out-of-favor stocks with real value that are poised for rebounds and growth.

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Discover wealth-building opportunities for active value investors, while minimizing risk and volatility.

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Next Webinar: June 30 at 2PM ET

At Cabot, our goal is always to provide you with information you can use to prosper, and our ongoing FREE webinar series is just one more way for you to get this valuable information.

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“Cabot Wealth is the real deal. Their analysts’ newsletters are well-researched, insightful, and written with integrity and conviction. Lots of great ideas all the time. As investors, we still have to do our homework and make your own decisions based on our individual circumstances and risk tolerance. But what a great resource. Bravo and thank you.”

Bob K., Saugherties, NY

“Cabot offers the rare combination of expert insight and confident contrarian/independent thinking to individual investors. Their commitment to not just ‘telling’ but teaching is invaluable. I’m a better money manager because of Cabot.”

Evelyn B., Port Clyde, ME

“Just a quick note to say thank you. You have been knocking them out of the park. This has been an opportunity that doesn't come along often. I am approaching a 6-digit gain. Keep them coming!!”

Bill D., Pete Beach, FL

“I’ve found the information very useful and have discovered numerous long-term winners through my Cabot subscription. Thanks!”

Ben W., Honolulu, HI

“Thank you for your detailed explanation in answer to my question. I continue to learn much from your newsletter and bulletins not to mention make money on the recommended investments.”

Erik L., Thousand Oaks, CA

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