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Current Market Update

From Cabot Top Ten Trader The good news of this week’s action is that the intermediate-term trend, which was on the fence a week ago, is in much better shape—all five major indexes we track are solidly above their lower (50-day) moving averages, and would...
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Cabot Growth Investor 1446

The Perfect isn’t the Enemy of the (Very) Good In a perfect world, everything would be lined up on the bull side of the fence. Market timing-wise, not only would our Cabot Trend Lines and Cabot Tides be bullish, but investor sentiment would be the...
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Option Strategies Insider

At Option Strategies insider, we believe in a better way to trade options. A superior strategy and a more profitable way for traders to grow their portfolio every month. We are obsessively passionate about what we do and our mission is to help achieve...
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