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Cabot Wealth Network, established in 1970, is a trusted independent source of advice for individuals striving to take control of their investments and find the best stocks.

Our numerous investment advisory services provide high-quality advice to hundreds of thousands of investors and investment professionals in 141 countries.

Cabot is headquartered in historic Salem, Massachusetts. We are proud of our roots and dedicated to progress and growth.

Our employees take pride in providing our customers with intelligent investment advice and timely, personal service without the hype and fabricated claims so prevalent in the market.

Cabot is a member of the American Association of Individual Investors, the Better Business Bureau, and the Salem Chamber of Commerce.


To be a trusted independent source of advice for individuals striving to profitably take control of their investments.

Timothy Lutts
Ed Coburn


To help our growing customer base be more successful investors by providing them with actionable data, insights and recommendations grounded in sensible, time-tested strategies.


    • We value our customers, who expect and deserve our best work.
    • We value the voice of the stock market, which keeps us humble while providing us with great opportunities.
    • We value our employees who, by working as a team in a respectful and ever-adapting environment, can accomplish feats impossible for any of us alone.
    • We value a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce as the best way to serve our customers and all other stakeholders.
    • We value honesty, because it is the right thing to do and because our reputation is essential to our success.
    • We value continuing education as the optimum route to self-improvement.