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Cabot Market Letter Will Become Cabot Growth Investor

April 28, 2015


After 45 Years,
Cabot Market Letter Will Become Cabot Growth Investor

SALEM MASSACHUSETTS: After 45 years, Cabot Investing Advice is changing the name of its flagship Cabot Market Letter.

Timothy Lutts explained the change. “We’ve expanded to 11 advisories at Cabot, each with a different investment strategy, and we want to be very clear that Cabot Market Letter is focused on growth investing.”

So Cabot Market Letter will become Cabot Growth Investor. But the name is the only thing that will change.

“There will not be any changes to the methodology, market timing, or market interpretation. Mike Cintolo will remain as the chief analyst. We have a strong investment advisory that has helped tens of thousands of investors since 1970, so we have no intention of monkeying with it, said Lutts.

He added, “We will, of course, continue to look for ways to improve readability, especially as more subscribers access our advice on mobile devices. But the advisory’s time-tested growth investing strategy will remain the same.”

There will be one enhancement: an annual special report on IPOs.

The new name, Cabot Growth Investor, will begin with the April 29 issue.


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