Cabot Top Ten Report Outperforms Nasdaq by Wide Margin


July 18, 2008

Cabot Top Ten Report’s weekly stock recommendations have outperformed the Nasdaq since January 2007 by more than 40% according to it’s editor, Michael Cintolo.

From January 2007 through July 14, 2008, the Nasdaq Index is down a total of 8.4%, equating to a loss of 0.5% per month, or a loss of 1.4% every three months according to Cintolo.

But during the same time period, he calculates that Cabot Top Ten Report’s stocks are up an average of 2.65% one month later and 6.65% three months later. Compounding the one-month number, that’s a return of 36.8%. His weekly Editor’s Choice stocks performed even better—up 3.3% one month later (47.4% compounded).

Cintolo periodically measures the performance of his recommended stocks to the Nasdaq Index “to make sure that we’re delivering on our promise to select the stocks that will outperform the market.”

“With fear reaching a crescendo in mid-July, and with the market finding some big-volume support, I’m very optimistic the bear market is nearly over. When the new bull market does begin, Cabot Top Ten Report will surely find all the winners, so I expect even better performance in the months to come.”

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