Cabot’s New Letter For Retirees

Individualized Retirement Income System Helps Subscribers Live on their Nest Egg

SALEM, MA—January 27, 2014—Cabot Heritage Corp., a leading publisher of investment advisories for individuals and investment professionals since 1970, today announced its newest advisory, Cabot Dividend Investor. The charter issue of Cabot Dividend Investor will be published on January 29, 2014.

Using a proprietary rating system developed by Cabot called the Individualized Retirement Income System (IRIS), subscribers to Cabot Dividend Investor can create portfolios that provide reliable and growing income streams during retirement. IRIS helps investors to select the best stocks for their portfolios from those recommended in Cabot Dividend Investor based on their time horizon, goals and risk tolerance.

“The retirement landscape is changing rapidly, from the days of corporate pensions, to IRAs and 401ks, to the uncertainty surrounding Social Security,” said Timothy Lutts, Cabot’s president and Chief Investment Strategist. “Our subscribers were looking for a way to design a secure retirement for themselves, and we created Cabot Dividend Investor to provide that.”

IRIS rates the universe of income-generating investments on the safety of their dividend and the likelihood of future dividend growth. Then, Chief Analyst Chloe Lutts Jensen chooses the best investments based on a variety of quantitative and qualitative factors, including yield, technical action, industry strength, portfolio diversification, valuation and more.

Subscribers to Cabot Dividend Investor receive monthly issues including stock recommendations and instructions for assembling personalized portfolios. They also receive weekly updates and regular portfolio management advice, and have access to a private subscribers-only website and Jensen’s personal email address for questions or comments. Circulation of the advisory is limited to 1% of current Cabot subscribers.

Cabot Dividend Investor can be ordered directly from Cabot at for the introductory price of $99 per year.

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