How DRIP Investing Has Become a Necessity

VIDEO: DRIP investing has always been a good way to build long-lasting wealth. In today's low-interest-rate environment, with CDs, MMAs and Treasury bonds offering little in the way of yields, it has become a necessity for any income investor saving for retirement.
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PAY Stock vs. PLAY Stock

PAY stock and PLAY stock are headed in two very different directions after each reported earnings on Wednesday. The following charts suggest we should have known which was a “buy” and which was a “sell”.
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Oil Prices, What Next?

Today we start with a discussion of oil prices, starting with the chart published in January 2015, which shows that oil prices, after building a long plateau in the $110 per barrel range, plummeted to $50 per barrel in late 2014.
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Cabot's Bests Dividend Stocks

Discover the Best Dividend Stocks

The world of dividend-paying stocks is ever expanding. To help sort through it all, our experts have some tips on where to find them, what to look for, and a list of some of their favorite dividend stocks. Download your FREE report, Cabot’s Best Dividend Stocks: Plus DRIP Investing 101 and Why You Should Invest in Dividend Aristocrats.