VIDEO: Strong Small-Cap Stocks | Cabot Weekly Review

In this week’s video,Tyler Laundon, Chief Analyst of Cabot Small-Cap Confidential, starts to lay out the case for the declining relevancy of the small-cap index. He shows that while there are many examples of small-cap stocks that are doing great, the Russell 2000 Index is dramatically underperforming. He takes viewers through a few of the reasons why, as well as a host of stocks that were just added to the Russell Microcap Index. And Tyler suggests a few better alternatives for investors looking for the right exposure to this exciting, but often misunderstood, asset class.

Tyler Laundon

Stocks That Can Make You RICH

Tyler Laundon is chief analyst of Cabot Small-Cap Confidential. The circulation of Small-Cap Confidential is strictly limited because the undiscovered stocks with sky-high-potential that Tyler recommends are often low-priced and thinly traded. Don’t share these recommendations!

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  • Paul S.

    My only comment re: today’s video and in general is what type of analysis is used to factor in the Trump effect, which includes optimistic statements about the trade issues with China and then pessimistic statements, both of which can and will drive the market in huge directions. Personally although I can’t prove it imo there is collusion between the US and China in this regard whereby Trump tells privileged investors in both China as well as the US what he is going to say in advance so that they can benefit from it. I have lots of evidence of this suspicious activity some of which occurs right around options expiration time.
    To be blunt, I believe that not only with Trump, but in general believe from my fifty plus years of investing there is a professional wrestling syndrome which at times prevails in the market(to be blunt fixed and which involves collusion) for the benefit of a relative few exists-no type of analysis can measure that!

    • Mike C.

      Ajay — fair question, but we’re not financial advisers per se, so position sizing is sort of up to each individual. I can say that I generally go with a 10%-ish position as a “normal size” in Cabot Growth Investor, and rarely have more than 10-12 names if fully invested.

  • Tom G.

    Watched Cabot weekly review for May 25, 2019. I thought Tyler Laundon Was great. I’ve been watching for many years but never saw him. The historical charts of data and future estimates were clear and specific with numbers and percent. Much better than sweeping general statements” expect sales and profits to improve for the next year” Interpreting the other analysts estimates and opinions was insightful and educational on how to do research. Also I cannot read charts except as past stock performance, influenced by market conditions.
    Whereas the company stats are noise-free, and indicate trends and value one star at a time. It is a stock pickers market, unoriginal but reliable. So, yeah I like Tyler’s style.

    • Tyler L.

      Thanks for the correction on DSGX David. Obviously I have more of a Spanish-speaking background than a French one. Still, pretty embarrassing to have messed that one up. – Tyler

  • Li D.

    hi Mike is there a print version of your videos available to us ? I’d so much it, appreciate it as
    personally I tend to print stuff out and keep it for future reference back. Thanks . Li

    • Mike C.

      Hi Li — unfortunately, there isn’t, it’s just a recording on a program we use. Fair question but not printable as far as I know.

  • Richard G.

    You have put a graphic on the upper left screen. This covers the stock information . You sometimes forget to mention the stock symbol. Please relocate the graphic.

    • Mike C.

      Richard — thanks for pointing this out. We can’t relocate the graphic, it’s part of the WONDA program. But I will do a better job of repeating the stock symbol when recording the video so everyone has it if it’s unreadable on the screen. –Mike

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