Sectors and ETFs to Watch| Cabot Weekly Review

In this week’s stock market video, Paul Goodwin, Chief Analyst of Cabot Global Stocks Explorer (formerly Cabot Emerging Markets Investor), looks at the dramatic moves the market has made since the election and why they haven’t produced changes in the long-term direction of the market. Paul points out some of the sector ETFs that are kiting higher and a couple that have either cooled off or corrected. Historically, it has taken up to five days for markets to stabilize after an election, so by next Tuesday or Wednesday, we should have a better idea of what investors are actually thinking. Until that happens, it’s best to be patient and keep new buying on the small side. Stocks and ETFs discussed: IBB, FB, AMZN, FMAT, IYT, BABA, ARCH, CWEI and others.



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