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  • I really believe that investing in gold is about which stock you pick. First of all do you go for the real gold mines, for development companies or exploration companies? And within those groups you have to go for the best ones. Actually I forgot one: royalty companies. You should spend a lot of time reading about mines so you can find out which are worth to invest in or not. I have this guy doing that for me: https://bestgoldmines.com/top-15-gold-mines/. He also brings some bonus mines once in a while. Recently he came up with Caeneus Minerals – a potential gold mine field on just a few hundred meters of the mayor ‘hemi’ discovery of De Grey Mining (https://degreymining.com.au/). There is a high chance they find gold. But as he told me in the chat, even if not.. people will find this mine and buy it due to the upwards potential. And that makes the price go up. I bought for 0.007 dollar and its now 0.014. Got only 700.000 of them but still… so that’s my opinion. Its not about the overall market or gold price, its about which stocks you pick!

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