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  • Howard K.

    We bought an electric vehicle about a month ago, a 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV. We had solar panels installed on our roof about a year ago in anticipation of eventually purchasing the EV. We’re both retired. Consequently we haven’t driven it much. A week ago a neighbor sent me a message that he had read in the NY Times that there was a recall on the very vehicle we purchased. Never had we received any such notice from Chevrolet. Calling them directly we learned that in fact there is a recall for which they have no current remedy and suggested that we only charge the vehicle no more than 80% capacity, don’t park it in a garage nor near the house, etc. This counters most features that we sought in our vehicle purchase. We’re not pleased.

  • Terry S B.

    Why haven’t you featured CHPT in your Small Cap or Growth Stock letters?? You may have followed it briefly, which may be where I found it and have been buying lots of it.

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