Should You Invest in CBD?

Marijuana investing key Should You Invest in CBD?

Is the Hype Real Enough to Invest in CBD, or Should You Wait?

By now, you have almost certainly heard of CBD. Maybe you’ve considered investing in it. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a component of marijuana that provides users with numerous health benefits without the high of regular marijuana. CBD is known to reduce anxiety, combat insomnia, and can even help treat chronic pain. And since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the growth and sale of CBD and Hemp, its popularity has skyrocketed. If you want to invest in CBD though, there is more to know about CBD stocks and the marijuana investing sector

Cannabis Will Be A Future Leading Industry

As marijuana has become increasingly legal across the United States and North America, the expansion and diversity of cannabis products is increasing. Creams, oils, gummies, drinks, even CBD dog treats are just some of the new CBD products that are appearing nationwide. And people are loving them.

A survey conducted by Consumer Reports in January 2019 found that of over 4,000 Americans surveyed, more than a quarter of them stated they had tried CBD and one out of seven people identified that they consume a CBD product daily.

Not only did the survey discover CBD’s nationwide fame, but it also found that CBD is widely used by different age groups. While a majority of people (40%) who identified using or have used CBD in the past were in their 20s, 15% of people who also identified using or have used CBD in the past were 60 or older. 

It’s impressive to see different generations embracing CBD – especially older generations who may have held reservations about marijuana. To invest in CBD, and cannabis in general, these are all facts worth considering.

Marijuana investing key Should You Invest in CBD?

The Master Key to Marijuana Profits

The end of marijuana prohibition represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the fastest growing sector on the planet.

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CBD and Hemp Products Are Everywhere (I’m Not Joking)

The popularity of CBD across America is clear.

Months ago, before Covid-19, I walked into a local coffee shop. As I was about to order, I noticed a bright green can of coffee in the drink fridge. I thought the color was an odd choice for a can of coffee, but then I looked closer.

It turned out that the drink was a “CBD-Infused Nitro Cold Brew.” The can read, “Made with 20MG of full spectrum Hemp extract organically grown in New England.” I bought two.

I was pretty amazed to see that a local company had already capitalized on the rising popularity of the newly legalized extract.

And then I remembered that for the past few weeks I had been seeing signs for CBD products everywhere. CVS, Walgreens, The Vitamin Shoppe, etc, all had advertisements describing their new CBD products. I have even seen a whole store devoted to selling just CBD products.

So what’s the point of this: CBD investment opportunities!

Invest in CBD Because Marijuana Investing is the Future

The explosive growth of marijuana investing and this industry is undeniable. And it’s better to jump in early as many are capitalizing on the unmatched growth of this sector.

And after a nearly two-year decline, marijuana stocks are back on the rebound, up more than 128% since mid-March! Despite that swift run-up, marijuana stocks are trading at less than a third of their January 2018 peak. Thus, as the market in general recovers, cannabis stocks have more upside than just about any other sector.

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Are you investing in CBD stocks? Why or why not?


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