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  • Jerry J.

    In the 90’s, my barber mentioned CNS /Breathe Right -the non-invasive way to prevent snoring. He was cutting hair for top brass at the company. Non-invasive really made sense. I started buying before the NFL photo-ops & coverage began. With multiple stock splits, I had the courage to purchase shares on Margin. Oh how my account ballooned! An old stock-broker friend of the family told me the company was a one-hit wonder, and that I should at least sell enough to pay off my house. The barber told me that both Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson had both expressed interest in the company. As the stock tanked (margin calls continued), I ignored the facts and sage advise of the “old” stock broker. I rode it ALL the way down.
    Yes indeed, life gives us a golden egg occasionally. It’s up to us to pay attention and act with prudence. I learned a very important lesson that cannot be forgotten. Fortunately, it gave me a passion for doing much better with managing my investments.

  • ADM – spent about $28k in the ’90’s buying it – worth about $375k today & the dividends will be a major part of my retirement income in a few years.
    Casey’s (CASY) – first bought in 1990 at a split adjusted price of $1.45 – selling for about $190 today. Receive much more in dividends yearly than my original cost.

  • Wai Sing L.

    I bought AAPL in 1997 after Jobs returned to the company. It was my first stock purchase and I put down all I had…about USD3k at the time.

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