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I recently returned from a trip to Tennessee, which, if
you weren’t aware, is a VERY long drive from Boston! We made the most of it
though, stopping at some funny roadside attractions and taking in the changing
sights of our vast and beautiful country. A particular highlight of the drive
was seeing views of Shenandoah National Park at dusk.


The first stop on our trip was the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park, which was lovely. We enjoyed a nine-mile hike on Rich Mountain,
an 11-mile bike ride through Cades Cove and a trip down the Little River on
inner tubes to relax and cool down after all that exercise.


The park was breathtaking, extremely clean and the people
we met were incredibly friendly. We even saw a bear! Luckily, it was from a
decent distance and we were safe in our car.


After getting our fill of nature, we headed to Nashville:
Music City. We happened to be there on the night of the Country Music
Television Awards, so the town was extra festive. We went to Hatch Show Print,
one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America, which has
produced posters for greats like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. Down the street
from there, we went to Gruhn Guitars, where you can buy an instrument that
costs as much as a car. And of course, we strolled down Music Row before eating
some of the best brisket I’ve ever had at Jack’s Bar-B-Que.


Also in Nashville, I saw something I’d never seen before:
A Redbox at a McDonald’s.  If
you’re not familiar with Redbox, it’s a movie rental kiosk usually found at the
front of grocery stores where you can rent DVDs for only $1 per night.


Netflix has done an excellent job meeting people’s
desires to have movies delivered to their homes either through the mail or on
demand via a device such as a computer or video game console like a Nintendo
Wii. But Redbox picks up the slack for those people who still like to go out
and pick up a movie to watch. Redbox is part of Coinstar, which popularized the
coin-counting machines at the front of grocery stores. And now it has done the
same with movies.


Editor Michael Cintolo recently featured it in Cabot Top
Ten Report, where he wrote:


“Coinstar was founded in 1993 with an interesting
business plan: Put big, green Coinstar boxes that count people’s change in the
front of grocery and other big-box stores 
and take a cut of the total. Now the company is using that foot in the door
to place Redbox dollar-a-night DVD rental kiosks–24,000 of them to date–in
Walmarts, McDonald’s,  groceries,
pharmacies and other locations across the U.S. (93% of revenue) and
internationally (7%). The company also has a network of financial services
facilities that allow consumers to make payments, buy prepaid debit cards and
perform money transfers. But there’s no doubt that the dollar videos are the
big deal right now, with most of the hottest titles available just 28 days
after DVD sales begin. Q1 results showed an impressive 254% jump in earnings on
a 47% gain in revenues, with Redbox results providing most of the boost. With
Movie Gallery announcing its own demise in May, Blockbuster in rocky shape and
Netflix moving toward streaming delivery, the future looks bright for Redbox
and Coinstar.


“CSTR gapped up from 38 to 44 on that great earnings
report on April 30, and the stock has acted well since then. CSTR worked its
way to as high as 58 on May 13, and has pulled back slightly, closing last Friday
at 53. This is impressive strength in the face of a grumpy market, and CSTR
looks like a good buy right here, but a great buy on a pullback toward


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Last week, I provided you with some quotes from famous
investors. I got a really positive response to the issue (thanks!) and some
people even wrote in their favorite investing quotes, which follow:


“Remember, the market is designed to fool most of
the people most of the time.”-Jesse Livermore


“The market does not give you what you want, it
gives you what you deserve.”-Unknown


“My only sound reason for buying a stock is that it
is rising in price. If that is happening, no other reason is required. If that
is not happening, no other reason is worth considering.”-Nicholas Darvas



In this week’s Stock Market Analysis Video, Cabot Market
Letter Editor Mike Cintolo says that after two months of correcting and
consolidating, the market is showing some signs that it wants to turn the
corner. Stocks discussed include (CTRP), Netflix (NFLX), Eldorado
Gold (EGO), (CRM) and Dolby Labs (DLB).


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Until next time,


Elyse Andrews

Editor of Cabot Wealth Advisory


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