Battling the Airline Industry and FAQs

Later this summer I’m fulfilling a longtime dream of taking a vacation to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. I love traveling, and even planning to travel, so I made sure to book the reservations early to avoid the costly increases in flights, hotels and rental cars that come with warmer weather.

I diligently searched for flights that would get my boyfriend and me to Wyoming at the optimal time to get settled and avoid rushing too much in the morning. It is a vacation after all. I spent hours staring at the computer, calculating which flight would allow us to pick up supplies and do some sight-seeing on the way to our cabin in Yellowstone.

I thought planning ahead was a good idea and, in some ways, it was. Our itinerary has been settled for months; we’re going to stay exactly where we wanted and go when the weather will be pleasant and the crowds slightly smaller.

Unfortunately, the airlines had other plans in mind. This early booking has proved more than troublesome. I think I’ve even started sprouting some gray hairs.

Your Flight Has Been Canceled

Every few weeks for the last couple of months I have gotten a call or an email from Delta informing me that our flights have changed.

The first change was an added stop on the way to Wyoming, which put us way behind the schedule I had spent weeks making. This change, by the way, came in the form of an email with the subject: Your Flight Has Been Canceled. Very comforting. Luckily, the situation was straightened out by my boyfriend, who has less of a tendency to panic than I do.

Then there was a major change in the return flight, which forced us to re-arrange the last night of our accommodations. We were able to find a suitable hotel, but because our trip is just a couple of months away (as opposed to nine months away, as it was when I started booking everything), it took a lot of work.

Now it’s mostly little changes, sometimes in the flight number, sometimes in the times of the flights and sometimes in the cities we will now have to travel through. All of these little changes come to me in the form of endless phone calls and emails. Every time I see the airline’s 800 number flash on my cell phone my heart starts to pound, my palms sweat and I get a sick feeling in my stomach, as I anticipate what nasty surprise Delta has in store.

Suddenly a cross-country road or train trip doesn’t look so bad.

So far Delta has avoided charging for checked luggage, but who knows how long it will be until the company follows many in the industry in doing that.

I’m sure this new measure will do wonders for the airport security line. I can picture it now, even more people fumbling to find their clear plastic bag filled with tiny bottles of liquid, hoisting too-large suitcases into the overhead compartment and struggling to haul their load of bags away from the checkpoint after having to practically disrobe in the line.

Vacations are supposed to be fun, right?

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Until Next Time,

Elyse Andrews
Editor of Cabot Wealth Advisory


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