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Cabot Wealth Summit Moves Online

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Things will be a bit different at our annual Cabot Wealth Summit this year.

There won’t be cocktail parties, nor twilight sailing excursions, nor dinners at some of Salem’s finest dining establishments. People won’t be flying in from California, Texas, Missouri, Florida and the U.K. to stay at the historic Hawthorne Hotel and commiserate with their fellow self-directed investors and their favorite Cabot analysts. We won’t get to shake hands, or sit down to breakfast.

Here’s what we will have, though: plenty of stock picks. In-depth, insightful presentations from every single one of our analysts. And you’ll get it all from the comfort of your own home.

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Coronavirus has changed a lot of things in this country—and the world—limiting face-to-face get-togethers and making air travel a big concern for many, all but eliminating weddings, sporting events, church services, concerts … and conferences like our Wealth Summit. But we’ve all learned to adapt to the (temporary?) new normal. And thanks to the magic of video conferencing, you’ll be able to see our faces, hear our voices, and ask questions when we convene for our first-ever Online Cabot Wealth Summit, August 18-20.

You’ll get to see growth investing expert Mike Cintolo tell you which way the ever-shifting stock market winds are blowing; watch as options trading expert Jacob Mintz guides you through the nuances of trading covered calls to consistently beat the market; and listen as Nancy Zambell outlines her best investment strategies for making money regardless of who wins the election in November.

Here’s what else we have in store for you at this year’s Summit:

2020 Cabot Wealth Summit Highlights

-Tyler Laundon, Chief Analyst of our Cabot Small-Cap Confidential and our recently launched Cabot Early Opportunities advisories, will present, “Software Stocks Today: Dot-Com Bubble 2.0, or Rational Exuberance?” I’d pay close attention to that one. The average return on the 13 stocks in Tyler’s Small-Cap Confidential portfolio is 200% (!), as of this writing.

-Tim Lutts, our CEO and Chief Investment Strategist, will tell you about “The Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy Today.” Tim, by the way, boasts an average return of 107% on the stocks in his Cabot Marijuana Investor advisory, despite the cannabis sector just emerging from a nearly two-year bear market.

Carl Delfeld, Chief Analyst of our Cabot Global Stocks Explorer advisory, will give you “Three Powerful, Profitable Trends & Three Stocks and ETFs to Play Them.” Despite massive headwinds in overseas markets, Carl has managed a 97% average return on the stocks currently in his Cabot Global Stocks Explorer portfolio. And his professorial, educational approach to investment presentations is university level so you’re guaranteed to learn something you didn’t know before.

-Tom Hutchinson, Chief Analyst of our Cabot Dividend Investor and brand new Cabot Income Advisor newsletters, will talk about how to use dividend investing to combat the current “American Income Crisis.” You’ll learn how to beat the market owning dividend-paying stocks (like Tom has); and I guarantee Tom’s dry wit and deadpan delivery will get you to laugh at least once or twice.

-Rich Howe, the newest addition to the Cabot editorial team and Chief Analyst of our Cabot Micro-Cap Insider advisory, will make his Summit debut, and introduce you to the brave and profitable world of micro-cap investing.

-Last but certainly not least, our Summit will conclude with the ever-popular Top Picks Panel, in which each of our nine expert analysts gives his or her favorite stock recommendation (or options trade suggestion) for the year ahead.

 And there will be much more!

Fifty years ago, Carlton Lutts started the Cabot Market Letter, a growth-investing advice newsletter aimed at individual investors, from his family farm in Salem, Massachusetts. Five decades later, under the guidance of Carlton’s son Tim, Cabot is alive and thriving like never before. Come join us in celebrating 50 years of helping investors make more money. Join us online for our annual Cabot Wealth Summit, August 18-20, by clicking here.

Hope to “see” you there!

Chris Preston

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Investment analyst and Chief Analyst of Cabot Stock of the Week, Chris Preston brings you the very best stocks from the top stocks chosen by Cabot's expert analysts.

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