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Editor’s Note: This is part two of an ongoing series explaining Cabot’s eight publications. The first part of the series gave an overview of our newsletters and focused on Cabot Market Letter. The issue can be found here, . Today I’ll be writing about Cabot Stock of the Month Report, which picks from all Cabot’s publications. It’s a great way to build a diversified portfolio of growth, momentum, international, Green and value stocks while learning the Cabot investment strategies.

Spectrum Investing System

Many beginning investors choose Cabot Stock of the Month because it recommends just one stock each month selected from across the spectrum of Cabot’s publications. The publication was started in the late 1980s as part of Cabot Market Letter and was spun off a few years ago into its own publication.

Cabot Stock of the Month Report is edited by Timothy Lutts, a frequent Cabot Wealth Advisory contributor and the Cabot publisher. Tim brings decades of investment experience to the Report as he chooses the best stock each month for the current market conditions. Tim strives to educate subscribers in each issue, applying lessons learned through the years to each write-up.

Cabot Stock of the Month Report is a great publication for people new to investing, or new to Cabot. It gives subscribers a taste of five of Cabot’s newsletters, allowing them to decide which investing system is right for them. If you don’t have an investing system, or don’t know which type of investing system is right for you, Cabot Stock of the Month Report can help you figure that out. By offering something from each of Cabot’s publications, it introduces you to several different investing systems, helping you decide which one is right for you. It also provides a diverse selection of stocks, as each one is picked from a different publication with its own philosophy and flavor.

The system used for picking the stocks for the Report is called Spectrum Investing System, so called because it enables us to use the wisdom of all our editors, and it gives us the freedom to pick a stock from any of their publications. The end result gives us the very best stock on Wall Street each month.

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Best Stock for the Current Maket

A subscription to the Report comes with access to Cabot’s password-protected Web site that contains current and past issues as well as educational features. Also included are market commentary, weekly updates and email access to the editor. Each issue of the Report includes fundamental and technical analysis that provides an in-depth look at each stock.

The stocks are chosen based on which one is best for current market conditions. Tim looks at what’s going on in the market and which stocks have been recommended in the other Cabot publications, and selects the best stock. It could be a Green, momentum, value, growth or emerging market stock, but it will always be with current market conditions in mind.

The stocks are held for varying lengths of time because each one comes from a different publication, and each one follows its own investing philosophy. For example, it’s advised that you buy value stocks under their Maximum Buy Price and hold them until they reach their Minimum Sell Price. This could be anywhere from one to two years, or longer. The momentum stocks are held for the shortest time, but in every case our weekly updates will advise of you when to sell.

I hope this helps you better understand the Cabot Stock of the Month Report, and our other publications, and what they have to offer investors. Please feel free, as always, to send questions, comments and suggestions via email or the Cabot Forum, .

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The Best Stock in the Market

Cabot Stock of the Month Report brings you Cabot’s top stock pick each
month from across the spectrum of our publications, it could be a
growth, emerging markets, momentum, Green or value stock, but it will
always be the best for the current market conditions.

Join Cabot Stock of the Month Report and get in on the next stock that explodes like these:

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Netflix – up 173%
Yahoo – up 317%
Intuitive Surgical – up 500%
Broadvision – up 670%

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In case you didn’t get a chance to read all the issues of Cabot Wealth Advisory this week and want to catch up on any investing and stock tips you might have missed, we have links below to each issue.

Cabot Wealth Advisory 6/2/08 – Growing as an Investor

In Monday’s issue of Cabot Wealth Advisory, Paul Goodwin reviewed his stock picking strategy SNaC, for Story, Numbers and Chart, and why it’s important to have an investing system to stick to. Paul also wrote about Flir Systems, a company that specializes in infrared imaging. Stocks featured in this issue: Flir Systems (Nasdaq: FLIR). Click the link below to read the full issue.

Cabot Wealth Advisory 6/5/08 – How High Will Gasoline Prices Go?

In Monday’s issue of Cabot Wealth Advisory, Timothy Lutts wrote about how at Cabot, our very successful growth stock investing system works because we don’t try to predict the future. Instead, we simply observe trends and invest on the expectation that they will continue. One stock that will likely benefit from the demand for more Green energy sources is American Superconductor, a wind power stock. Stocks featured in this issue: American Superconductor (Nasdaq: AMSC). Click the link below to read the full issue.

This week’s book recommendation is actually a three-book series. The books are: “Market Wizards,” “New Market Wizards” and “Stock Market Wizards,” all by Jack Schwager.

These books are part of a three-book series in which Jack Schwager interviews top traders and investors, looking for insights. All of the books are highly recommended, and each is available cheaply in paperback. These books contain many insightful tips to help you become a better investor. The series contains great interviews with a few dozen of the best investors in the world. You are guaranteed to learn some things, about the market and yourself.

Editor’s Note: Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report has been ranked #1 by Hulbert Financial Digest for the last two years, bringing investors gains of 78.6% in 2006 and 74.1% in 2007. The Report is still ranked #1, with a gain of 108.7% during the 12 months ended May 31. And that’s not all! Just this week the Specialized Information Publishers Foundation named Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report the Best Financial Advisory Product. Click the link below to find out how you can learn more about the top financial advisory service available.

Until Next Time,

Elyse Andrews
Editor of Cabot Wealth Advisory


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