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Cautious But Bullish

For two months in a row, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen some 800 points—it’s now at its highest level since July 2015. And the index is closing in on its all-time high of 18,351 achieved last May.

In spite of oil ministers in Doha not coming to an agreement and an economy that is just chugging along (although employment continues to improve), oil prices seem to have stabilized and investors have taken a liking to that.

Our overall investment barometer moved a bit more bearish this month, but our select group of advisors maintains a cautious but bullish stance, as you’ll see in our Market Views section.

Consumers continue to consume, and that is helping to make our Spotlight Stock attractive. A giant in the online marketplace arena, this company is building up its new product offerings, yet currently trades at a discount. My Feature expands on a few of its new endeavors, as well as the rapid growth that’s taking place in its industry.

Value stocks are finding their place in the sun and our contributors don’t disappoint, with a host of ideas for you including industrial, financial, healthcare, auto parts and gold companies. Growth stocks continue to perform well, and we include picks in the retail, automobile, building products, lawn care and healthcare arenas.

In our Financials section, our advisors offer stocks that provide services to commercial real estate, South American, insurance and venture capital clients. We also present networking, cloud, software, cybersecurity and video entertainment stocks in our Technology segment.

You’ll find a couple of companies buying back huge amounts of their stock in our Buybacks offering, and two Low-Priced Stocks for those of you who like a bit more speculation in your portfolios. Lastly, our Funds and ETFs run the gamut, with retail, global, commodities, small-cap and hedge ideas.


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