Mixed Messages

Mixed economic messages abound as last week’s unemployment numbers, job openings and mortgage applications increased, while retail sales hit the summer doldrums. Meanwhile, the market continues to hold its own—at record highs.

That optimism continues among both investors and investment pros, as our Adviser Sentiment Barometer and our contributor Market Views remain (mostly) in a bullish stance this month. And it was reflected at our Cabot Investor Conference last week, as Cabot’s Mike Cintolo, Chief Investment Analyst for Cabot Growth Investor and Cabot Top Ten Trader shared his bullish take on the markets with our attendees.

Subscribers came away from the conference with a host of new ideas from our panels on Alternative Energy, After Cash and Cable, and Commodities, Housing & Building; our individual breakout sessions covering Value, Growth, Dividend, Small-Cap and Emerging Markets stocks; our Roundtable discussions; and, of course, our Top Picks for 2016. In case you weren’t able to join us, the highlights will soon be posted to our website.

I found Paul Goodwin’s (Chief Investment Analyst at Cabot Global Stocks Explorer) examination of e-commerce so interesting, that I decided to use his Latin American pick for our Spotlight Stock this month. This company is, by far, the leader in its region, in a market of more than 550 million potential consumers. My Feature expands the discussion, including the importance of mobile devices in online purchasing.

Value stocks continue their reign as the best strategy, so far, in 2016, and our contributors provide recommendations of companies in the consumer, building, Chinese education, defense and banking sectors. Technology—a hotspot at our conference—remains a popular choice, and we offer ideas in the cloud, robotics, cybersecurity, semiconductor and gaming industries.

Growth stocks have also been good performers this year, and our picks include outsourcing, coatings, construction and energy-related stocks. Biotech and Healthcare are gaining ground, and our advisers offer choices in the managed healthcare, drug, medical equipment, laboratory and insurance sectors. We also found four low-priced stocks for your consideration.

Rounding out this month’s issue is a very diversified selection of Funds and ETFs featuring balanced, value, hedging, small cap, technology and infrastructure strategies.

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Nancy K. Zambell
Wall Street’s Best Investments


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