Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (HA)

“The Air Transport Industry had a solid ranking advance that moved it further away from its five-year low shown six months ago. There was a notable percentage increase in the overall insider buying and similar contraction in their selling. … Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (HA) [had] three insider buys, zero sells. They are the parent firm for the airline of the same name. They provide inter-island service and also connect various U.S. cities to other Pacific destinations. Value Line projects substantial revenue growth for 2012 and 2013 as management focuses on expansion. 

“Hawaii is increasingly shifting to serve Asian vacationers who spend more than U.S. travelers, and that should help the airline and entire state, if they can overcome a reputation for poor service. The slow-moving shares hold a positive low pole formation rebound from last September’s test of support at $3.75. Longs may be considered at the market with the current $5 area a modest retreat from January’s $6.50 high. Our first targets are the $8-$9 area of the tops over the last two years.”

Michael Burke and John Gray, Investors Intelligence, March 8, 2012


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