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Majesco Entertainment Co. (COOL)

“With the advent of motion-sensing video game consoles, there came a demand for motion-based video games. No longer do gamers need to plug their controllers in and sit on the couch to enjoy their interactive experiences. Now, they can interact in an all-new way. Majesco Entertainment Co. (COOL 2.19 Nasdaq) has hit the casual game market with its Zumba Fitness game, named the number-one fitness title for 2011. … 

“Majesco released Zumba Fitness in November 2010, Zumba Fitness 2 in November 2011 and Zumba Fitness Rush in February 2012. The Zumba franchise has sold over six million units worldwide and accounted for 77% of the company’s total revenues for the most recent quarter ended January 31. [In addition,] the company continues to release the Cooking Mama games, which was its number-one franchise prior to Zumba. … Majesco has exhibited continual growth over the past year. Revenues for the year ended October 31, 2011 were $125,291,000, a 66% increase over the revenues for the prior year. Net income rose from a loss of $972 thousand to a gain of $6.832 million. The company’s growth continued in its most recent quarter ended January 31. Revenues were up 37% to $66.18 million, and the net income was up 14% to $7.726 million. These results relied heavily on Zumba sales. The results also reflected an increase in international sales, which accounted for $16.7 million, 25% of the company’s total revenues for the quarter.”

Cindy Bowser, The Bowser Report, April 2012


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