Million-Dollar Ratings Portfolio

Don Lucek combines both in-depth technical knowledge of stock ratings and many years of experience with portfolio management. He is easily the world’s foremost expert on our stock ratings model. Indeed, Mr. Lucek understands the inner workings of our ratings so well, he can often anticipate, ahead of time, when a stock’s rating is likely to rise or fall. Moreover, Don has taken these ratings to the next level: Not only does he use them to create a “buy list” of stocks Don has also developed our exclusive Early Warning System — a way to use our ratings as a powerful INDICATOR of where the market is going! Early on he recognized that the combined ratings on all the stocks in a particular industry provided VERY valuable clues about the overall health of that industry. Equally important, the more Don studied this phenomenon, the more he realized that it also applies to broader market averages as well! That gives Don a second powerful way to profit from these ratings: By buying ETFs on sectors that have rising combined ratings and inverse ETFs on sectors with declining combined ratings. Thus, instead of merely sitting out the market declines, Don’s approach gives you a practical, actionable way to keep your money growing even during a market decline! PLUS, his Early Warning System also gives you the confidence to remain fully invested when the ratings on stocks in a particular sector are rising.


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