Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is Motley Fool’s flagship investment newsletter service headed up by brothers David and Tom Gardner. Since March 2002, David and Tom’s brotherly rivalry has played out in the pages of each Stock Advisor issue. They compete against each other each month to bring their very best investment ideas. Together, they’ve helped investors uncover superior investment ideas borne out of in-depth business research, valuation and emotional discipline. David excels at finding superior growth companies that are revolutionizing their industries, while Tom focuses on outstanding, often unknown companies in out-of-favor industries. The brothers’ contrasting styles have produced a market-trouncing list of superior investments that span a variety of market caps and sectors. Stock Advisor offers a monthly 10-page newsletter, delivered online and in print, written by David and Tom Gardner and their team of analysts. Membership also includes weekly stock coverage from the team, as well as a companion website with archives of all newsletter issues and updates, relevant articles and interviews, and an online scorecard that tracks the performance of every recommendation they’ve ever made. Lastly, there’s a real-time discussion board for each and every recommendation where members can talk stocks and get their questions answered by a cadre of helpful Fools.


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