NoLoad FundX

NoLoad FundX provides a simple and effective system called Upgrading, which helps investors keep assets invested in the best performing funds and ETFs. Upgrading evolved from the observation that few, if any, funds or professional money managers have been able to sustain good performance over long periods of time. That’s because markets change, but most managers don’t. Each fund uses an investment style that works well in some, but not all, market environments. Because we cannot predict which will do well next, NoLoan FundX turns to near-term performance to identify the ones getting it right, applying the Upgrading quantitative discipline to allows investors to successfully participate in a broad range of opportunities as they develop. While best known for its excellent long-term growth record, NoLoad FundX also provides a unique and flexible fixed income strategy that adapts to changing market environments. The Hulbert Financial Digest regularly rates NoLoad FundX as one of the very best performing newsletters for the 25-, 20- and 15-year periods.


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