Find Your Beliefs and Stick to Them

In the last week and a half I attended two very different weddings and one of my roommates got engaged. I’m at the age where people start doing these types of things, although I am not quite ready for such a huge commitment.

These three events, while all marriage-related, were decidedly different.

The engagement, which came first, was elaborate, fancy and a big surprise. My roommate, who is a teacher at a local high school, was whisked away in a limo on the night of her school’s senior prom that she was chaperoning. She and her now-fiancé were taken to a yacht in Boston Harbor where they were served a delicious meal as they cruised around. The actual proposal happened at the bow of the boat as the sun was setting. Then my roommate and her fiancé went to the prom and danced the night away.

My roommate and I are the same age and while she is ready for marriage, I am not quite there yet. Most of my friends are not engaged or married, but a few are and for them, that’s what feels right. So while I’m not ready to take the plunge, I can appreciate that one of my good friends is ready.

Doing Things Your Own Way

The first wedding I attended last weekend was supposed to be a 30th birthday party for a friend at a gorgeous location overlooking the city of Boston and the Charles River. During the celebration, the mayor of Cambridge was introduced and she married two of my friends in a surprise ceremony. Everyone knew they were engaged, but no one, except them, knew they were going to get married that day.

It was a sweet, civil ceremony and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We celebrated with a cruise of our own around Boston Harbor. In a true twist, it was disclosed that the groom had planned the entire wedding. The couple did not receive gifts or have wedding attendants. There weren’t any formal invitations or a white dress. What the couple did have was their dearest friends and family witnessing their lifelong commitment to each other.

The next day, I attended the wedding of a longtime family friend in scenic Saratoga Springs, New York. The groom is Jewish and the bride is Catholic and they did a beautiful job weaving together the two traditions. A priest and a rabbi stood together under a Chuppah and married the couple in a small ceremony. (There was even a “priest and a rabbi walk into a bar … ” joke thrown in.)

The wedding was traditional in the sense that there were flowers everywhere, a gorgeous white dress and a lot of wedding attendants. But it was smaller and more intimate than most weddings I’ve attended. There were about 60 guests, making it possible for the couple to truly spend some time with each one.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this, but bear with me for a bit longer. The lesson I took from these three very different but very beautiful commitments of love was this: Everyone has to do things in their own time and way. If you find your belief system and stick to it, things will turn out better in the end.

My roommate who got engaged is young but ready for marriage, bucking the trend of most of my generation. My friends who had a surprise ceremony didn’t bend to society’s idea of what a wedding should be like. Instead they listened to their hearts and did things on their own terms. The other couple that got married did not alter their differing belief systems, but rather combined them to form their union.

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Follow Your Beliefs

The lesson I learned, finding your belief system and sticking to it, reminded me of something we talk about a lot at Cabot. We often discuss how important it is to find the investing system that best suits you and to follow it carefully. Many of the mistakes investors make come from not following a system and making haphazard decisions.

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Value investors prefer to buy undervalued stocks and hold them for longer periods of time. This system is better for investors who don’t wish to watch their stocks constantly and it works well in any market conditions.

If you’re not sure yet which system is best for you, that’s OK. But it’s important to find an investing system and follow it because this will help you yield the best results possible.

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Until Next Time,

Elyse Andrews
Editor of Cabot Wealth Advisory

P.S. As always, I invite you to send us any comments, suggestions or questions via email or the Cabot Forum,


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