The Lancz Letter

The Lancz Letter has become one of the most respected and recognized investment publications in the country.

Many of LanczGlobal’s investment disciplines were developed from a 20-year relationship built with legendary investor Sir John Templeton. The Lancz Letter gained prominence by recommending a 70% cash position into the summer of 1987 and then buying after Black Monday (October 19, 1987) when others were panicking.

In early November 1999, “What Ever Happened to Tech Wreck” warned about the tech/telecom bubble and two years later, the publication was quoted in Barron’s regarding the excess valuation of energy merchants such as Calpine and Enron. More recently, at the N.Y.S.E. he recommended strategic profit taking on June 1, 2007 on CNBC, but selectively got back into equities (after focusing on bonds prior) in November 2008 when most experts that warned about the financial crisis stayed very negative. It is this track record of independent, outside-Wall Street thinking that has made Mr. Lancz and his research team sought after globally.

The Lancz Letter reflects the diversification of our investments. It gives current recommendations and analysis on stocks, bonds, real estate, currencies, and other related investment vehicles. It focuses on some of the same money management activities that have made Alan B. Lancz such a success over the past 25 years.


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