The Oberweis Report

Inspired and directed by Jim Oberweis, The Oberweis Report pinpoints small companies in the very early stages of growth before they become household names—or are even noticed on Wall Street. Companies that typically fit three fundamental criteria: at least 30% revenue growth, at least 30% earnings growth, and a price earnings ratio less than half the company’s growth rate. The report uses Oberweis Octagon investment philosophy to discern those companies that are experiencing superior growth, and have the potential to continue to do so. The Oberweis Octagon also helps the editor buy the companies at reasonably attractive prices—valuations that don’t yet fully reflect their earnings potential. This Octagon strategy, in short, combines the best features of both the growth and value investment styles. By helping subscribers to avoid overpaying for stocks, while still allowing them to purchase stocks with solid growth potential, this approach can help to manage the volatility associated with investing in small-capitalization stocks.


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