Turn Crisis Into Opportunity

Turn Crisis Into Opportunity

If You’ve Always Done it that Way, It’s Probably Wrong

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Has the Bull Market Finally Had It?

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Did you know that global energy demand is expected to grow by as much as 40% by 2030?

Or that the U.S. Energy Information Administration expects worldwide oil demand to increase by a huge 900,000 barrels per day this year?

Or that the International Energy Agency estimates that the world needs to discover the equivalent of four Saudi Arabias in the next 20 years to simply sustain current demand for energy?

And that doesn’t even include any of the soaring growth in energy demand from emerging markets like China, India or Brazil!

These statistics are pretty cringe-worthy. And they regularly manifest themselves in our daily lives.

I drive at least 50 miles a day, if you only count my commute to work and back home. So I know the high cost of filling up the gas tank, especially with summer road trips on the horizon. But I also know that there are profits to be made from these trends.

Some of you may think that because gas prices have fallen slightly in recent weeks, there’s nothing to worry about. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The mainstream press has been touting an energy crisis on par with the infamous “Oil Shocks” of the 1970s. But there’s something they aren’t telling you: Now is the time to invest in the stocks of companies that will lead the way forward in the energy industry, before Wall Street discovers them and drives their prices sky high.

Many of these companies are located right here in North America. There is huge untapped potential in the Midwestern U.S. in the Bakken oil field and in Appalachia in the Marcellus gas field, as well as in the Canadian oil sands. Huge reserves of oil and natural gas are being discovered and extracted by companies that have enormous potential to grow as energy demand takes off and world oil reserves dwindle.

And we’ve got the ticket to the event of the year that will reveal several key opportunities to invest in–and more importantly, profit from–as worldwide demand for energy takes off. Opportunities like these:

Opportunity #1: If you’re champing at the bit for a ground-floor opportunity, how about getting in on an oil play that’s twice as big as Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves–in the American Upper Midwest? The Bakken oil field, which straddles North Dakota and Canada, is showing enormous potential reserves, perhaps enough to dethrone Saudi Arabia, the King of OPEC. How can you best profit from this amazing new find?

Opportunity #2: Just as significant as the Bakken is the giant Marcellus gas field in Appalachia. As with Bakken, you need to get in on the action before the rest of Wall Street catches on.

Opportunity #3: As the price of oil hovers around (and above) $100 per barrel, production of oil from the Canadian tar sands is becoming more and more economical. Which companies are the “purest” plays on the vast potential of these sands?

Opportunity #4: Coal has long been considered a reliable, abundant and relatively cheap source of energy. No longer. Low stockpiles, strict environmental regulations, misguided energy policies and Asia’s voracious appetite are driving international spot prices of coal to stratospheric levels, rivaling the spike in oil prices. Which coal producers make the best investments right now?

Opportunity #5:
New technologies are making alternate sources of energy–sun, wind, solar, geothermal–more economically feasible. What are the top investment picks in this so-called Green Sector?

And you can gain access to all of this information (and more) in our upcoming webinar, How You Can Reap Huge Profits from the American Energy Boom. Cabot Global Energy Investor Editor Brendan Coffey, an expert in the field, is the featured speaker.

Last year, Brendan’s recommendations brought his Cabot Green Investor subscribers profits of 24%, while the Nasdaq returned only 17% and the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones were up a mere 10%.

During his time recommending Green stocks, Brendan started noticing that all the best plays were in the fast-growing energy industry. He lobbied to switch the focus of his newsletter to highlight these opportunities so you could land more profits as the energy sector booms.

He’s so excited about these high-potential plays that he wanted to bring them to you in a special one-hour online seminar, where you’ll not only get to listen directly to Brendan’s expertise, but also four other top energy stock experts.

You’ll also get the chance to pick the brains of Roger Conrad, editor of Utility Forecaster and The Canadian Edge, and Associate Editor of Personal Finance. Roger is a financial advisor on utility stocks and income investing. He’s helped his loyal readers rack up safe, steady double-digit gains of 15.47% annually since 1990.

These other heavy-hitters also will sit on the speaker panel: John Nyaradi, Publisher, Wall Street Sector Selector: Professional ETF Trading; Mark Henwood, Chief Executive Officer, Henwood Associates, Inc.; and Roy Periana, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, Scripps Research Institute, Director, Scripps Energy Laboratories.

And you can view the webinar from your computer screen, no special equipment needed or travel required.

A webinar is just as its name implies: An educational seminar performed on the Web. To participate, all you’ll need is an Internet connection. It’s that easy. Once you register, we’ll show you exactly how.

During our live 60-minute event, not only will you learn about the hottest stocks available in the energy sector today, but you’ll also be able to email our speakers ANY questions that you want.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. We only have 200 spots available (and they’re going fast), so it’s critical that you don’t wait to register. We’re also offering a special early bird discount to those who secure their spot before June 18. Register now!

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If You’ve Always Done it that Way, It’s Probably Wrong

Attributed to Charles F. Kettering, head of research for General Motors from 1920 to 1947. This quote reminds us that the only constant is change, and that any process that isn’t being constantly improved probably should be.

In this week’s Stock Market Analysis Video, Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report Editor Paul Goodwin says if he could only use one word to describe this week in the market, he would simply say it was bad. Paul discussed Cabot’s market timing indicators and why we recommend getting out of the market when things turn sour. Stocks discussed: ATA Inc. (ATAI), Yanzhou Coal Mining (YZC), Illumina (ILUM) and Priceline.com (PCLN). Click here to watch the video!

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Until next time,

Elyse Andrews
Editor of Cabot Wealth Advisory

P.S. There’s only one week left to save 51% when you register for our upcoming webinar, How You Can Reap Huge Profits from the American Energy Boom. There are only 200 spots available and they’re going fast, so reserve your spot today. And the webinar is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. We’re so sure that you’ll benefit from the investment opportunities presented in the webinar that if it doesn’t live up to your expectations–for any reason–we’ll fully refund your money, no questions asked. You’re got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Register today!


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