Can Gold and Bitcoin Co-Exist? - Cabot Wealth Network


  • Thank you Rich. I assure you Cabot is not ignoring cryptocurrency. We have followed crypto developments closely for years. As we have transitioned from the early era of speculation into where we are today Cabot has been developing plans for a crypto investment service. The hesitation has been finding a credible analyst who is deeply knowledgeable about crypto and blockchain technology as well as investing strategy and discipline who would can uphold our high standards. We have just identified such a person and will launch a crypto investing advisory in the first half of 2022. So stay tuned.

    Ed Coburn, CEO, Cabot Wealth Network

  • Cryptocurrency has been a great boon to my portfolio this year. It extends far beyond just Bitcoin and although volatile, when you ignore this asset class, you are doing your subscribers a great injustice. I am up 130% so far this year on these investments and may see significantly higher returns before the years end.

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