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  • Peter L.

    Good Morning Clif – a couple of things – yes I do have Gold and Siver positions and they have gone from 80 and 100% up to a 1/10 of that – so much for hold on the Gold and do not worry – in retrospect that is silly, I use stops in all other stocks. The rain in China comment – did you know that the rain was a 1,000-year event, a year of rain in 3-4 days. The high point was 8 inches in an hour. Question have you seen the recent 8/8/21 IPCC Climate Report – and it will certainly affect the market seriously. Have you given any thought to this? Regards


    • Clif D.

      Hi Peter. I’ve read the IPCC Climate Report, though I don’t regard climatological factors as a serious intermediate-term threat for gold. If a climate disaster did have an impact on gold, it would likely be a bullish one due to increased safe-haven demand based on the “fear factor” (e.g. gold’s bullish reaction in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005).

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