A Stock Picker’s Market | Cabot Weekly Review

We’re not getting much support from the market, which has been heading sideways since December.  That means it’s a stockpicker’s market, and you need to pay close attention to your stop losses and buy good setups on reasonable dips.  This is where experience shines.  The market isn’t dangerous but don’t go overboard.  Paul Goodwin chief analyst of Cabot Emerging Markets Investor will help guide you in this week’s Cabot Weekly Review.


Paul Goodwin Paul Goodwin 
Emerging Markets Specialist, Chief Analyst of Cabot Emerging Markets Investor

A researcher and writer for over 30 years, Paul Goodwin has been a member of the Cabot investment team and chief analyst of Cabot Emerging Markets Investor since 2005. Under Paul’s stewardship, Hulbert Financial Digest rated Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report the #1-rated newsletter of 2006 with a 78.6% gain for the year, and the #1-rated newsletter of 2007 with a  74.1% return. Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report was also named 2007 Investment Letter of the Year by Peter Brimelow of MarketWatch


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