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In this week’s Stock Market Video, I donned my Christmas apparel and read my Ode to 2015, a verse rundown of the major events of the year—and several of the minor ones as well. It won’t help your trading, but I’ve been doing it since 2008, so there’s probably no stopping it now. (If you’re wondering about the state of the market, it’s still pretty blah, and all of our market timing indicators are negative. So keep your buying to a minimum and keep very short leashes on your losers.)

2015: The Year in Verse

Every year, as December is winding down, I write a review of the year in verse. Some years (and some verses) are better than others, and I’d have to say that 2015 was not the one you’d point to as a shining example of peace, progress and prosperity.
But the great things about “meh” years is that they are frequently followed by “wow” years; so we have something to look forward to. Here’s the Ode to 2015. 

Ode to 2015

You might as well cry, you might as well shout:
2015 is on the way out!
A year like some people (you know how to spot ‘em)—
Just average and dull with a big double bottom.

Those bottoms caused pain in August and September,
But stocks had rebounded by late in December.
Tracking the markets was terribly hard—
They made more quick moves than an NBA guard.

The markets were stressed (and the charts were not pretty),
As the Fed’ral Reserve’s Open Market Committee
Kept everyone guessing about buyin’ or sellin’
But then came the rate hike from calming Ms. Yellen.

Negative news caused some market frustration.
China looked shaky, a smog-ridden nation.
Russia contracted a bad case of Putin
And everywhere people solved problems by shootin’.
Europe kept slipping on patches of Greece.
While refugees migrated, looking for peace.

Consumers were saved by the low price of crude;
As gas prices plunged, SUV sales renewed.
That oiled the wheels of the commerce machine.
And shoppers spent bundles of holiday green!
I have a suggestion for all candidates
Whatever their party, no matter which states:
Remember your manners, and can the loud strife.
It makes for good watching, but not a good life.

I’m thinking that here’s a good tip you can use:
Maybe the answer’s “Stop watching the news!”
A diet of sports and good holiday cheer
Will lighten your mood for a happier year.

Some years folks obsess on celebs they like best,
McConaughey’s abs or Pam Anderson’s chest.
Last year the clear winner was Kardashian’s rump
This year it’s the tresses of Donald J. Trump

The stresses of 2015 will fade
The markets will strengthen, reward every trade.
The reason is clear to most people of course:
Next year the stock market starts using The Force!

So here’s hoping you and your friends and your kin
Will find peace and joy in this year as it ends.
And watch with contentment the New Year begin
Let’s all hope the new one is full of uptrends!

Merry Christmas (or the holiday of your choice) and a Happy New Year from all of us at Cabot.

Here’s this week’s Fortune Cookie. Remember, you can always view all previous Fortune Cookies here and Contrary Opinion buttons here.

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is bitterest.” — Confucius

Tim’s comment: This bit of wisdom of Confucius applies to many areas of life, not least investing, where most of us have had some bitter learning experiences. Our job is to help you learn more by imitation—which is “easiest.”

Paul’s comment: It’s easy for Westerners to underestimate Confucius—too many bad jokes can take a toll. But he was a philosopher with real chops, both witty and deeply insightful. I think he nailed this one, although I’m more used to seeing the abbreviated version, which runs: “Any idiot can learn from his own mistakes; it takes a smart person to learn from the mistakes of others.” But, as Tim points out, that’s why Cabot is here.

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Paul Goodwin
Chief Analyst of Cabot Emerging Markets Investor
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