• Stephen A.

    I’ve been with Cabot for what seems a very long time. For the most part I’m a conservative buy and hold kind of guy. I’m pretty sure Cabot recommended EXPR several times, if not more. And I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they said to sell it for a loss more than once. Well, I think it was one of those “buy ten” at the end of year and sell in a month or two once you make a profit kind of letters. I say this because I bought a sizeable position in early Jan 2018. I watched it drop and drop, and I even cussed myself for hanging onto it. I figured in desperation that I’d hang on even into bankruptcy. I always put in high sell limits that are typically set for a 30% profit or more. To my delight, my high limit hit the other day and I made quite a nice nest egg. Of course, I could tell examples where the particular stock went bankrupt and I ate it. So, thank you “Cabot” for suggesting EXPR. Even though I don’t follow all Cabot’s suggestion, I do love the lists that they provide. My problem in the past is that I tend to buy them all (I have a Prime subscription and love it). The last couple of months I’ve been paring down my porfolio that was closing in to a thousand, selling my big winners, one by one. A lot of times a Cabot growth stock will fall out of favor, only to come roaring back a few years later. I typically double up when a particular “Cabot” stock drops around 50%. It seems to work for me, although please don’t follow my example. My near term goal is to get my portfolio under a 100, as no bull market lasts forever. And as I sell 10, I will buy 1 or 2 new Cabot recommendations.

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