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  • Investor F.

    Hi. Very good article. How do you explain the contrast between this post, which says to stay invested at all times, vs the Cabot webcast from Mike Cintolo which since the beginning of the year says he is 80% cash, waiting for the right opportunuty to get back in, which seems like two opposing views from Cabot? I would appreciate any additional insights.

    • Nancy Z.

      Thank you for such a great question!

      Our well-rounded team of analysts each come with decades of experience and often, very different investing styles and strategies. Mike is a tremendous growth analyst–always looking to buy stocks with fantastic growth prospects for his subscribers who often are willing to take on some pretty sizable risks. And Jacob Mintz, editor of Cabot Options Trader, also targets quicker, a little more speculative profits. With that in mind, both Mike and Jacob do tend to move in and out of stocks and markets more rapidly than someone like Tom Hutchinson, editor of Cabot Dividend Investor, whose strategy is more conservative and income-oriented. Bruce Kaser, editor of Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor and Cabot Turnaround Letter, is also more in the value, more conservative arena. And I count myself in that more conservative strategy, although I do love a good growth stock!

      As a conservative, long-term investor, I tend to stay invested for the long haul, with stocks that have fundamentally strong characteristics. Sure, their prices can go up and down, but since I’m investing over a multi-year cycle, I don’t react to every market gyration.

      I hope this helps–thanks for being a Cabot subscriber!

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