The Top Watch-List Candidates | Cabot Weekly Review

In this week’s video, Mike Cintolo, chief analyst of Cabot Growth Investor and Cabot Top Ten Trader talks about his overall bullish view, but also details what he sees as the broad market’s weakness, which is a fly in the market’s bullish ointment. That said, the broad market hasn’t affected the major indexes or leading stocks, both of which remain in good shape, which has kept Mike in a near-fully-invested position. He also discusses the three patterns he hunts for when looking for new buys and shares some of his top watch-list candidates.

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Michael Cintolo

Your Guide to Winning Growth Stocks

Michael Cintolo is a growth stock and market timing expert. His Cabot Growth Investor, with its legendary Model Portfolio, is recommended for all investors seeking to grow their wealth.

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    • Edward — yeah, the first part was my fault, I messed that up so somehow the system didn’t “record” the charts. You can see what I was talking about by visiting and comparing $SPX to $SPXEW, and comparing $NDX to $NDXE — even the unweighted big-cap indexes have been lagging. The charts after the initial section (including the stocks I’m watching) show up fine.

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