Current Market Update

From Cabot Top Ten Trader

To say it’s been a topsy-turvy week has been an understatement. The rotation that we started to pick up on a couple of weeks ago was unleashed late last Friday and the first couple of days of this week, with just about any stock and sector that’s enjoyed a good run this year coming under pressure—including more than a few names that flashed abnormal intermediate-term action. Right now is basically the definition of an environment where you should take things on a stock-by-stock basis. If your loss limits are tripped, sell. If a decent winner you had is back to breakeven, put in a tight stop. And if you have a good-sized winner that’s tripped its stop, sell at least some of your shares, if not all.


    • Thanks for asking. With Top Ten, we usually advise going slow — the market is open every weekday and we’re in touch twice per week (one issue, one Friday update). When sifting through the names, start with the Top Pick, and then look for any new “themes” (could be sectors or niches that are driving some names higher) that emerge, most of which we try to highlight. Then cut all losses short while letting most winners run. In time, you should have a portfolio full of high-performing stocks. Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions along the way.

    • Hi John — I wouldn’t, at least not yet. Market is in a correction, and I have a hunch these stocks that have had giant runs are going to need time at the very least to build new launching pads. Great profit, but now that you’re out of it I’d just wait for a better market/proper entry point.

    • John — well, we tend to follow, not predict, and we’ve been raising cash at a quick pace, though that’s not to say there hasn’t been a ton of damage. That said, if we had bailed ahead of time on prior “corrections” we would have been knocked out of so many winners. It so happens that this decline has been a doozy, but selling everything after 3 bad days isn’t a good long-term strategy.

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