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Cabot Dividend Investor

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Cabot Dividend Investor 320

March 11, 2020

The coronavirus is sending the market into a tailspin. It took a thriving bull market from all-time highs to the cusp of a bear market in a matter of weeks.

It is likely that this market will not significantly recover until there is more clarity on the extent of the economic disruptions it is causing and how long they will last. That seems unlikely for several weeks at least. In the meantime, the market is vulnerable to constant headline risks.

It is likely that the market has not found a bottom.

That said, this too shall pass. The coronavirus is a black swan event that is singularly responsible for the market crash. When the panic and emergency subsides, and it will, the market will likely recover and make up for lost time. In this issue I discuss the ramifications and measures to protect your investments. As well, I identify rare securities that are timely opportunities while the market is down. These stocks have limited downside if the market continues to fall and huge upside leverage when it recovers.


April 1, 2020

After falling over 30% in record time, the market has had a nice rebound. In less than a week the market jumped 15% from the lows. It has since stabilized somewhat with less volatility. While the worst may be over, I don’t think out...
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March 9, 2020

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