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Cabot Growth Investor

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Cabot Growth Investor 1428

September 12, 2019

The market has been wild in recent days, giving investors very mixed messages—on one hand, many leading growth stocks have broken down, but on the other, the broad market is strengthening, with our Cabot Tides actually flashing a new green light. Given the crosscurrents, we're taking things on a stock-by-stock basis, selling stocks that are cracking support and looking for new buys among fresh leadership.


September 5, 2019

Remain cautious, but stay open minded. We’re encouraged by the recent action from the market, including some of the power and breadth of the rally.
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Special Bulletins

September 10, 2019

The major indexes were mixed today, with the Dow up 74 points and the Nasdaq losing three points. But the story once again was weakness under the surface, as growth stocks remained under the gun.
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Other Stocks of Interest

Updated September 13, 2019

Follow ups to stocks featured April 125, 2019 (issue 1418) to Setember 12, 2019 (issue 1428). Since many of the stocks written about in Other Stocks of Interest don't make their way into the Model Portfolio, you won't see them followed on a regular basis the...
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