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Cabot Growth Investor

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Cabot Growth Investor 1432

November 7, 2019

We've been writing for months that the market's next big move was likely up, and it now looks like that upmove could be underway, with the major indexes in uptrends, our market timing indicators looking good and little selling pressure recently despite a good run. Short-term, a dip wouldn't be shocking to see, but the path of least resistance finally appears to be up.


October 31, 2019

Put a little money to work. There are still issues with many growth stocks and plenty of crosscurrents, but the overall market is looking good and we have seen some earnings-induced breakouts.
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Special Bulletins

October 23, 2019

The weakness in growth stocks in general, and cloud-related stocks in particular, continued today, which caused one of our stocks to trip its loss limit.
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Other Stocks of Interest

Updated October 28, 2019

Follow ups to stocks featured June 6, 2019 (issue 1421) to October 24, 2019 (issue 1431). Since many of the stocks written about in Other Stocks of Interest don't make their way into the Model Portfolio, you won't see them followed on a basis...
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