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Cabot Stock of the Week

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Cabot Stock of the Week 299

May 26, 2020

The broad market remains in an uptrend, according to our intermediate-term market timing indicator, but our longer-term timing indicator, while improving, remains in a negative state. Thus, it remains possible that a major pullback is right around the corner—and if one comes, it will be handy to have cash at the bottom. So I’m still working to avoid being fully invested, though it’s getting tough because our stocks acting so well.

For today’s selection, I’m going with a small company that’s taken a proven path to growth—consolidating a fractured industry. The stock was originally recommended by Tyler Laundon in Cabot Early Opportunities and here are Tyler’s latest thoughts.

Special Bulletins

May 21, 2020

Long-term, the odds are very good that this recommendation will move higher, so there is an argument for holding patiently. But we will sell.
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