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Cabot Top Ten Trader

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Not Dead Yet

October 14, 2019

Last Friday’s surge higher by the broad market was a powerful sign that the lack of progress by growth stocks in recent months might be over, and for that reason alone, we are raising our market gauge one notch above neutral to the 6 level. But until we see true follow-through, and numerous growth stocks hitting new highs, we can’t be sure. In the meantime, however, there are still plenty of individual stocks acting well, with the potential to make big moves if the broad market cooperates.

Movers & Shakers

October 18, 2019

The market’s had another rotational week—the big-cap indexes have done OK (S&P 500 and Nasdaq up around 1%), small-cap indexes have done even better (up nearly 2%), but growth stocks have suffered another round of heavy selling, with many falling to new correction lows.
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