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Cabot Top Ten Trader

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Ping Pong

April 22, 2019

alternating up and down days and, under the surface, rotation whipping names around on a weekly basis. That's a small reason for concern, and we are knocking our Market Monitor back down a notch, but overall we're still bullish—the trends for most indexes and stocks are pointed up, and we're actually seeing a good number of solid setups out there. This week's list has another batch of newer names from a variety of industries, and our Top Pick is a mega-cap name that's just enjoyed a complete change in character—buying here or (preferably) on dips should work.

Movers & Shakers

April 19, 2019

From a top-down perspective, the market is still looking good, as both the intermediate- and longer-term trends are up and the vast majority of stocks (and leading stocks) are still in uptrends.
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