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Crack the Mysteries of Mutual Funds & ETFs—and Make Tons of Money for Your Retirement!

This Premium Report includes details on how to invest in mutual funds and ETFs—so you can make a lot of money for your retirement.


Many people don’t have a good understanding (and sometimes, none at all!) of just what they’re being offered with mutual funds, especially those offered through employer 401(k) plans. Instead, many just check off boxes, deposit their money every pay day, and hope for the best.

And it’s not too different when it comes to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)—either people know nothing or little about ETFs, or even worse when what they think they know is totally wrong.

Please realize that there are some mysteries about mutual funds and ETFs—and all you have to do is crack those mysteries open, and you’ll be well informed about how to use these investing vehicles for your portfolio.

In this Premium Report How to Invest in Mutual Funds & ETFs, you’ll crack those mysteries and get fully educated about mutual funds and ETFs—what they are, how they work, and how you can make money with them for yourself and your retirement.

Mutual funds pool money from a group of investors and then invest that money in stocks, bonds, and short-term debt (as well as alternative investments like commodities and gold). And for many investors, these accounts add up to the majority of their investment dollars.

ETFs are baskets of investments that track stock indexes, commodities, bonds, or a diverse group of assets. For the most part, ETFs offer the same type of diversity as mutual funds, allowing you to choose different investment strategies and goals.

When you read our Premium Report How to Invest in Mutual Funds & ETFs, you’ll get all sorts of educational information and practical advice about how to use both of these vehicles the right way to boost your portfolio:

  • Mutual Funds: Discover all about the types of mutual funds—including equity funds, index funds, value funds, growth funds, blended funds, sector funds, bond funds, balanced funds, money market funds, alternative funds, target-date funds, lifestyle funds, and even foreign funds! Did you even know that there were so many types of mutual funds? Then, learn all about how to evaluate the performance of mutual funds—including analyzing costs and expenses, loads, expense ratios, 12b-1 fees, taxes, and turnover. Finally, get the 5-step method for determining your own portfolio strategy with mutual funds. All in this report!
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs): Find out what ETFs are all about—and learn the differences between mutual funds and ETFs, including how expenses differ and how liquidity, transparency, and capital-gains distributions are so different from mutual funds. Want to know how to evaluate ETFs? Find out now when you read this report!

This Premium Report How to Invest in Mutual Funds & ETFs is your guide to two large and important investing vehicles—find out how they work … and how they can work for you, to make you more money from the stock market!


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