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Discover Dividend-Paying Stocks to Help Fund Your Happy Retirement!

This Premium Report gives you an overview about how the dividend-investing style can help you make more money than ever before!

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For many decades, dividends were mostly paid by blue chip, financially-healthy, conservative companies—just the types of stocks that are attractive to retired investors who don’t want to take on excess risk but love the cash flow endemic to dividend-paying stocks.

It used to be rare to see a high-growth company issuing dividends, other than Intel (INTC), that began paying dividends in 1992. The tech boom and bust of the early 2000s scared a lot of investors away from technology companies, so many of the more established tech companies decided a dividend strategy was one way to lure investors back. Microsoft (MSFT) began paying dividends in 2003, and Cisco (CSCO) followed in 2011.

And in this Premium Report Understanding Dividend Investing, you’ll get a detailed chart by industry of the types and numbers of companies paying dividends—plus, the chart includes each industry’s average dividend yield.

Use this chart to help guide your dividend-investing stock choices, to find sectors and companies that pay good dividends.

Many savvy, long-term investors realize dividend investing is a great method to not only build extra appreciation into your portfolio, but also to keep risk down during uncertain economic and market cycles.

During volatile periods, investors often flock to dividend-paying stocks as a way to create cash flow in their portfolios, as well as to take advantage of their more stable characteristics which may help to mitigate any losses from more speculative stocks that may decline more precipitously.

When you read our Premium Report Understanding Dividend Investing, you’ll also get the details about dividend reinvesting:

  • What is dividend reinvesting?: What, exactly, is dividend reinvesting? How does it work? And what type of compounding effect can you realize from dividend reinvesting? Get answers in this Premium Report, including an easy-to-use reference chart that demonstrates how dividend reinvesting is like getting free money!
  • And what is a Dividend Reinvesting Plan (DRIP)?: Find out how companies’ and closed-end funds’ DRIPs allow you to automatically reinvest cash dividends. Read about it now in this report!
  • The “rules” about DRIPs: Learn about buying and selling shares in a DRIP in bulk (to reduce transaction fees). Get advice about how the timing works for trading in DRIPs. And learn how to buy DRIP shares commission-free—and sometimes at a discount off the current share price—with this strategy.

This Premium Report Understanding Dividend Investing is your guide to making a dividend-investing strategy work for you—to help you gain and maintain financial freedom and fund a rewarding and enjoyable retirement for you!


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