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How a Global Strategy Can Help You Achieve Financial Freedom

6 Rules for Investing in the Best Stocks in the World

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Investing in the right global stocks can help you achieve your goal of financial independence and security—and there’s always a growth trend and bull market somewhere in the world!

We research and identify the best growth trends, to make success all the more probable.

And no question, one of the most prominent growth trends in the world right now is the rise of emerging markets.

We follow global growth trends and find specific, actionable ideas that have the potential to deliver big gains to members—learn all about it in our Premium Report: 6 Rules for Investing in the Best Stocks in the World.

International Investment is an Engine of Growth and Jobs

And if you think it’s not patriotic to invest in international companies, you should know that international companies make a significant contribution to America’s economic growth and jobs.

Guinness, a subsidiary of London-based multinational Diageo, has announced an $80 million investment to open a brewery in the U.S.

Toyota has the largest manufacturing facility in the world based in Kentucky.

BMW churns out 1,500 autos each day at its Spartanburg, South Carolina, plant in which it has invested $8 billion, employs 10,500 workers and relies on 230 American auto-part suppliers.

Japanese automakers now make two of every three cars sold in America.

And roughly 20% of the American manufacturing workforce and about half of all American manufacturing jobs created in the last five years are due to international investment.

Take Your Portfolio to the Next Level to Achieve—and Maintain—Financial Freedom

Let’s face it—the average investor is more comfortable investing in their home country than in companies based overseas.

And for Americans, U.S. markets have enjoyed a decade-long bull run and provide plenty of opportunities.

But you should answer a few questions first:

  • Do you really want to be an average investor?
  • Can you count on U.S. stocks going up forever?
  • Are you comfortable with all your eggs in one basket?
  • Do you really think that all the best companies are based in your home country?
  • Don’t you want to capture some of the best emerging market companies, achieving growth two to three times faster than most of the world?

After all, America still represents only 5% of the world’s population and 22% of world GDP. If you only invest in American companies, you’re neglecting 95% of the world and 78% of the global economy.

So, it’s essential—and potentially quite profitable—to invest outside U.S. borders. The question is, where do you invest? How do you sift through an entire world of stocks, and know how to separate the good from the bad? That’s where this Premium Report comes in.

Get this Premium Report about global investing to learn about the six rules for investing in the best stocks in the world—all in support of achieving and maintaining financial freedom for you:

With these six tried-and-true rules in this Premium Report 6 Rules for Investing in the Best Stocks in the World, you’ll be well prepared to make big money with a global-stocks strategy.


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