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How to Manage Your Investments and Your Money with the Best Tools Available!

Learn all about the best tools for helping you reach your investing and financial goals—when you read the April 2022 issue of our magazine, just released!


Go ahead and laugh at me. I so resisted texting and I admit, I still hate it. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to actually have a conversation. Texting just doesn’t pick up the nuances you can hear—or see—when you actually talk with someone.

But I realized a few years ago, if I wanted to communicate with the younger generations, I had to text. I thought I was all that (as my niece would say!), making great strides in the technical world, but then I realized what a newbie I was when I was introduced to apps. Sure, I hated them right off the bat! But when I discovered how handy—and time saving—they could be, I finally changed my attitude and jumped on board.

And now, if my phone suddenly decided to die, I would be in a pickle. With my apps, I can monitor the stock markets, read the news, scan important documents, buy e-books, track my real estate customers, deposit checks to my bank accounts, open doors at houses for showings, buy my coffee at Starbucks, plot a driving trip, post on social networks, call an Uber, share files on Google Drive, do my bookkeeping, count my daily steps, buy concert tickets, and communicate with my Cabot Wealth Network peers via Slack—just to name a few of my more commonly used apps.

Apps have come a long way. About a year and a half ago, I introduced you to some of the highest-rated banking apps. I remembered that article the other day, when I was using my bank app. I realized how much time—and gas money (especially today!) I save by using this app. I can easily deposit funds, transfer money between accounts, and even pay my real estate agent commissions—right on my app. So, I wondered what other apps I may be missing. Honestly, if I’m not actively researching or using new technology, I tend to be like an ostrich with my head in the sand. So, I decided it was time to immerse myself back in the app world to see what other apps you and I might find attractive.

Read the feature article in this month’s magazine now to learn all about the best tools for managing your financial life!

Here is a summary of the apps and tools reviewed and recommended in this article:

  • Tracking and Growing Your Net Worth: Knowing your net worth is key to understanding your complete financial picture—get a one-stop-shop tool for tracking your net worth … and for growing it!
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow: If you don’t have a personal budget, you’ll never have full control of your money. Get all the details on 14 different apps to help with personal budgeting.
  • Investing Apps: Find out how a mobile app for your brokerage account will help you buy, sell, and track your portfolio. Here are 6 of the best apps for managing your investments!
  • Fractional Share Investing: If you have limited funds to get started with investing, fractional-share investing might be for you. Get a handy chart of 6 mobile apps for trading and managing your fractional-share investments.
  • Crypto Investing: The crypto sector is hot and emerging—but it’s complex, too. Get the skinny on two of the best mobile apps for helping you invest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Banking: There are lots and lots of banking apps. Here are 6 mobile banking apps that have unique features and are worth considering.
  • Accounting: Get the details on 4 solid accounting apps that will help you with all your bookkeeping needs.
  • Credit Building: Get a great credit score in today’s inflationary world. Three top mobile apps for building your credit reputation are reviewed in this article now.
  • Home Buying, Lending, and Renovating: Find out about the 4 best mobile apps for managing your home-buying, home-lending, and home-renovating needs.
  • Expense Sharing: Do you regularly share expenses with someone else, perhaps a family member? Find out about 3 top mobile apps for sharing your “wallet.”
  • Shopping: Discover the money-saving details of 5 mobile apps to help with all your online shopping.
  • Personal Finance: Get a mobile app that provides your complete financial picture, all in one place! This one app is recommended by almost every review site—get the details on this app now.

Read this article now to learn all about the best tools for managing your investments and your money—and get everything else in this issue of our magazine, including:

This latest issue of our Magazine is ready for you to access now, to discover everything you need to know about the best tools to help you manage your investments and your money … and much more.


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