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How to Use Options Trading to Turn Small Investments into Big Profits!

This Premium Report includes details about how to master options trading—to minimize your risk and increase your returns.

There is one category of investing that most investors often ignore. An investing technique that can help smooth the market’s volatility and, at the same time, offer you an opportunity to profit during those up—and down—periods is Options investing.

Options investing provides you a chance to turn small investments into large profits by employing simple leverage—limiting your risk yet offering almost unlimited gains.

What’s more—because you can limit your risk, investing in options can actually be less risky than buying stocks.

Now, you can get advice about how to use options investing as a strategy of your own—in our Premium Report How to Know Your Options.

First, to get started with options investing, you have to understand the lingo—and in this premium report, you’ll get clear-and-concise descriptions and explanations about:

  • Call Options: Call options give you the right to buy an investment at a pre-determined price—and are designed to profit from rising values. But what is the downside of call options? Find out now in this report.
  • Put Options: Put options give you the right to sell an investment at a pre-determined price—in order to profit from falling values. What are the practical, real-life situations when you can win—and lose—from put options? Learn about it in this report now.
  • Strike Price: Get the full explanation of how a strike price works, with specific examples.
  • Expiration Date: Discover how to select the expiration date of your options, to adjust your risk and reward. What is the standard day of the month when options expire? Get the answer now in this report.
  • Premium: The price you pay for your options can be expensive or cheap—but, how many shares are included in the standard stock-option contract? Learn all about this now.
  • At the Money; In the Money; Out of the Money: What does “at the money” mean in options investing? Is it better to be “in the money” with your options? And what about “out of the money”—what exactly does that mean for your profit opportunities? Get all the answers and explanations now in this premium report.

In How to Know Your Options, you’ll learn about all the key terms that are crucial for understanding how options investing works. Plus, you’ll learn about how options are priced and best strategies for options investing—with specific examples:

  • Intrinsic Value: Learn what this important concept means—and how the relationship between an option’s strike price and current price really
  • Time Value: Find out how “time value” works when deciding what to pay for options.
  • Volatility: How does volatility figure into your equation when choosing your options? Find out now.
  • Dividends and Risk-Free Interest Rate: Are dividends and interest rates major influences on premium prices? Read about it now in this report.
  • Covered Call: When you sell the right to buy stock you already own, how can you make some quick cash with a “covered call” strategy? Find out now in this report.

The How to Know Your Options Premium Report includes valuable advice about how to master the art and science of options investing. This report is informative and educational—and you’ll immediately benefit from all the advice and guidance.

This Premium Report How to Know Your Options is ready for you to access now, to discover how to use options with your investing strategy. Read it now!


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