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Learn the ABCs of Options Trading!

This Investor Briefing shows you how to apply the basic strategies of Options Trading to your best advantage.

Introducing five new options advisories, from Andy Crowder.

Say “volatility” to most investors, and you’ll make them twitch! We all love it when the market goes up—but just one down day can incite panic among the uninitiated.

But fear not! There’s a category of investing that most investors ignore—one that can help temper the market’s inherent volatility while still giving you an opportunity to profit during up and down periods.

It’s Options Investing.

Now, before you run off and bury yourself under the covers at the mere mention of Options Investing, understand that while Options aren’t for everyone, they might be just what your portfolio needs for a little boost.

Get expert tips on Options Trading in our Investor Briefing The ABCs of Options Trading. Learn about the Options Trading Myths that keep so many investors from venturing into Options Trading waters:

Myth #1: Options Trading is Risky. Well, yes and no. You decide where your balance point is between modest returns and a bigger payoff.

Myth #2: Options Trading is Complex. It’s not rocket science; and while it’s more complex than buying and selling stocks, it’s not so hard to do once you get used to the process.

Myth #3: You Need a Lot of Money to Trade Options. Nope. For most trades, you don’t need more than $1,000. Plus, we have tips on limiting your risk in this financial arena.

Myth #4: Options Require a Bull Market. Well, not necessarily. Once you begin to master some essential Options Trading techniques, you can still pull in a profit even when the market starts to take a downward turn.

Myth #5: You Can Only Trade Options on Stocks You Already Own. Not so! You are not limited by the contents of your portfolio. This lets you define your risks ahead of time—something you can’t really do by buying stock outright.

In The ABCs of Options Trading, you’ll learn how to apply the basic principles of Options Trading without a big outlay of capital—find out what you can do with just $1,000. Once you’re comfortable, then you can branch out with more advanced strategies. This Investor Briefing includes:

The ABCs of Options Trading Investor Briefing includes valuable advice about how to maximize your use of Options Trading to your best advantage—with less risk than you might have imagined.

This Investor Briefing The ABCs of Options Trading is ready for you to access now, to discover how you can expand your investing strategy with Options Trading techniques. Read it now!


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