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Retire When You’re Rich—and Stay that Way!

This Investor Briefing includes all the advice you need about getting and staying rich, to ensure a happy retirement.

Sometimes, the best way to plan anything is to start with the end in mind. So, imagine a retirement that you look forward to—and that involves choosing the best place for you to retire.

For many people, retirement means moving to some place that’s based on a combination of climate, proximity to family, or lower cost of living. Decide what’s important to you—urban or rural, cost of housing, cost of living, proximity to or accessibility for family and friends, weather, community, access to recreational activities, and accessibility for domestic or international travel.

This Financial Wellness: How to Get and Stay Rich Investor Briefing includes a detailed article on “The Best Places to Retire,” so you’re guided about all the factors that go into making your decision about your retirement location—including primary considerations such as cost of living, access to healthcare, and desirable climate. You’ll have an easy checklist to start your retirement location search!

Plus, to further help you with retirement-location planning, you’ll learn about:

  • Top 10 Golf Courses in the U.S.
  • Top 5 States with the Best Economies
  • 5 States with the Worst Economies
  • How to Find Senior Living Communities

Achieving financial independence—and maintaining it—is also important to your desired retirement plans. And in this Investor Briefing Financial Wellness: How to Get and Stay Rich, you’ll also get in-depth articles to help you gain and keep your wealth:

  • The Best Places to Retire: Discover the best place for you to retire!
  • 7 Ways to Build and Protect Your Wealth: Discover the seven relatively simple steps that will help you preserve (and, more importantly, build) your wealth in the months and years to come. These steps aren’t necessarily new … but that’s the whole point. Most investors look for the new, exotic system, but over time, it’s the basic, straightforward advice—and the discipline to follow it—that gives you above-average returns.
  • The New Rules of Interest Rates: What does it mean for the market when the Fed cuts interest rates? Historically, the Fed cuts rates to stimulate a slowing economy and pull the country out of recession. But that pattern might be different now. Read about how this might affect you and your investments.
  • Understanding Financial Statements: The rapidly-changing, instant-information, highly-competitive age that we live in today necessitates that astute investors gain a thorough understanding of their investments. And the financial statements of companies—although historical in nature—are very important barometers for gauging just how well, or poorly, these companies are coping today, as well as good indicators of future performance. You should learn to read company financial statements for one very good reason: to become a better and more profitable investor. Learn how when you read this article!
  • How to Be a Successful Investor for Life: Successful investing involves much more than just stock selection, so read these ten tips—the distillation of a lifetime in this investing business. And then re-read them as necessary over time, so that you can truly make the best use of the recommendations and stay focused on the things that will help you be a successful investor for life!
  • Why Falling Rates Aren’t an Investor’s Friend: When the Federal Reserve slashes interest rates, stocks usually rally in the coming days. But it doesn’t last, and history shows that rate cuts are bad for stocks. That shouldn’t be a surprise. In fact, it should be rather obvious: When the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates, it’s always due to economic sluggishness or “uncertainties.” In the long term, an uncertain economy is bad for the stock market. What should you do about it?
  • Online Dating and Value Investing: Read this personal story about online dating and investing and get some insight about today’s brave new world.
  • What the Long-term Housing Forecast Means to You: Inevitably, Americans of the home-owning and investment ilk experience the falling dominoes of real estate, bond and stock prices. Rarely do many anticipate the housing crash, and investors beg us to let them know when another major drop in housing prices is coming. Today, we’re ringing that bell! Find out what falling housing prices means to you.
  • How Good—or Bad—It Could Get for Investors: The best-, base-, and worst-case scenario for Americans investing amid this global pandemic.
  • Is this Bear Market “The Big One” That Destroys Investing?: Bear markets like the current one are scary and seem like they’ll last forever. One hundred years of market history say otherwise.
  • How Long Will it Take the Market to Recover from COVID-19?: Is the COVID-19 crash unprecedented in stock market history? Not quite, but it’s rare. The closest parallels may be 1962 and 1987. Here’s what happened.
  • Conservative Stocks Perfect for a Crisis: These three high-yield REITs are tried and true, and if you’re itching to invest, they’re safe bets.
  • Remembering Two Great American Business Leaders: Business leaders like Amory Houghton and Whitney MacMillan are why America will bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Your Most-Asked Investment Questions Amid Coronavirus Fears: If panic is settling you in, here’s what we think you should do about buying, selling, and holding stocks right now.
  • The New World of Education: Reimagining Schools and Paying for Higher Education.
  • Prepare for Market Recovery: Every market correction creates opportunities for prepared, savvy investors.
  • Get Yields up to 15% with BDC Investments: When the market is looking uncertain, investing in business development companies (BDCs) may be an avenue worth thinking about. BDCs are similar to venture capital funds, except that they’re publicly traded on stock exchanges so that anyone—not just millionaires—can invest in them. Find out if this investment avenue is for you!

This Investor Briefing Financial Wellness: How to Get and Stay Rich is a powerful and valuable resource for you about planning for a rich life and retirement!


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