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Cabot Early Opportunities 102

October 16, 2019

The nature of this newsletter is that 90% of our focus is centered on finding early-stage opportunities and vetting them. But to have investing success – in any type of stocks – over the long haul we must follow some basic portfolio management strategies.

This month I’m laying out five simple tips that you should follow when investing in the stock I feature in these pages. There is nothing that’s super innovative or worth discussing at a cocktail party here. No hedging or options trading techniques. Just solid, basic, common sense tips that will help you reduce risk, increase your probability of success, and sleep better at night.

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Cabot Early Opportunities 101

September 18, 2019

Welcome to the first Issue of Cabot Early Opportunities. This month’s Issue delves into a number of fast growing software names that look good on modest pullbacks, as well as one that’s brand new to the public market. I also cover some early-stage stocks posting big growth from beyond U.S. borders. We don’t venture too far down the market cap curve, or get into any pre-revenue names this month. But we will, once this modest growth to value rotation is behind us. Enjoy!

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