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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 707

March 19, 2020

Market volatility and weakness accelerated this week through Wednesday though U.S. Senate passage of a “bailout” measure may lead to a rebound on Thursday. In general, you should sell into strength and cautiously buy into weakness. Our emerging market signal is decidedly negative with the EEM down to 30 from a mid-January high of 46. It has not been at this low a level since early 2016 and got down to 20 at the bottom of the global financial crisis in 2008. Today we do a little selling, increase our S&P 500 Inverse ETF position marginally and add JPMorgan (JPM) to the watch list.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 706

March 5, 2020

This week’s volatility has been a bit unnerving but below the drama some good things are happening. The majority of our stocks finished the week higher and Sea Limited (SE) hit an all-time high after reporting another great quarter, confirming our view that this
could be an enduring growth story. No surprise that our emerging market timer is mixed, in a very modest uptrend but still below 50- and 200-day moving averages

Today, we have a new recommendation for you as we follow Warren Buffett to a financial technology play in Brazil

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 705

February 20, 2020

You might not think that flowers are a global business but American Airlines moved 417 tons of flowers from the Netherlands to America for Valentine’s Day.

The Cabot Global Stocks Explorer portfolio is led by our rocketing Virgin Galactic (SPCE), which has zoomed from 11 to 37 in a wink of the eye. Meanwhile, Sea Limited (SE) and Luckin Coffee (LK) were both up 10% this past week even as our emerging markets timer (EEM) moved to neutral.

Concerns over the impact of coronavirus are deepening as Apple announced revenue will be below expectations. In this issue, we’ll address these concerns, as well as why and how to hedge them, plus I’m putting a European 5G player on my watch list.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 704

February 6, 2020

While the coronavirus concerns are still high, stocks have recovered their footing, as China has taken steps to stimulate its economy and markets.

The Cabot Global Stocks Explorer portfolio is holding up well, though Luckin Coffee (LK) sold off hard and then sharply rebounded this week. Our emerging markets timer (EEM) is marginally positive, and in an uptrend in the last month.

Today’s recommendation is a leader in fintech with a great growth story, strong numbers and an attractive entry point.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 703

January 23, 2020

This week’s leading issue is the China virus, which is impacting markets.
We will need to keep an eye on this breaking issue. Still, Virgin Galactic jumped another 14% yesterday and is up over 80% in the last month.

Our emerging market timer is clearly positive and today’s recommendation is an emerging country that is the overlooked big winner from the two recent trade deals. It is in a nice uptrend and has fuel to burn going forward, backed by several positive trends.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 702

January 9, 2020

As we head into 2020, emerging markets are at the top of the Cabot Global Stocks Explorer menu after developing a nice uptrend in the fourth quarter of 2019. In addition, they are cheap – trading at a substantial discount to U.S. markets on a valuation basis. Today’s new idea is at the sweet spot of several powerful trends in China and has delivered steady and substantial profits to shareholders over the past five years.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 701

December 26, 2019

All Explorer positions except Grupo Televisa (TV) advanced this past week and the emerging markets timer (EEM) is positive in an uptrend and above both its 20-day and 50-day moving averages.

Today’s recommendation is a company showing some relative strength that offers a nice blend of emerging growth and Western management. It’s a business with a diversified portfolio of fuel distribution, sugar production, ethanol and electricity, rail transportation and warehousing as well as the distribution of natural gas.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 700

December 12, 2019

Last week’s recommendation, Virgin Galactic (SPCE), took off like a rocket and this week we go underground to recommend a premier global company that provides the backbone for future-oriented technologies such as green energy and electric vehicles.

Looking at the big picture impacting global stocks, U.S.-China haggling continues but the NAFTA redo looks like a done deal as we head into the end-of-year rush. As a result, our Emerging Markets Timer (EEM) moved into a stronger bullish position, putting some distance between its 25- and 50-day averages as it moves back towards 44.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 699

December 5, 2019

As US trade disputes spread to Latin America, Europe and a China deal may be pushed into 2020, markets struggled early in the week but rebounded yesterday.

Hong Kong retail sales were hammered in October but China’s manufacturing finally turned upward. Our emerging market signal is positive with EEM trading just above its 50-day moving average.

We will continue to diversify the portfolio and today rise above worldly concerns with a new recommendation that just may capture your imagination and make you money in 2020.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 698

November 14, 2019

Despite the headwinds of trade tensions and pundits worrying about China growth, our Explorer portfolio holdings Sea, Alibaba, Luckin Coffee and Huya all reported outstanding financial results this week.

The Emerging Markets (EEM) Timer is still positive as we introduce a new resource recommendation with operations at the very heart of Asia-Pacific growth.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 697

October 31, 2019

Have you noticed that the chatter concerning the U.S.-China trade deal has gone down considerably? It probably reflects a good reset of expectations.
Our emerging markets timer is positive so it pays to be optimistic and keep investing in outstanding companies with strong fundamentals.

Today’s new recommendation has steadily rising net revenues, strong market position, a robust pipeline of products, an extensive family of patents as well as a strong cash flow and a strong balance sheet.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 696

October 17, 2019

Last week’s U.S.-China trade truce fell flat but the tone of emerging market and international stocks remains positive. The EEM began 2019 at 40 and moved nicely to 44 in late spring before coming back to 39 in late summer. Since then, EEM has been in a choppy uptrend to reach 42. Today we move south of the border for a new recommendation in a strong uptrend and way off its high.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 695

October 3, 2019

Some weak economic numbers and political uncertainty about Hong Kong roiled markets a bit but emerging and international stocks rebounded a bit today. China stocks are getting some scrutiny in Washington amidst U.S.-China rivalry. Nevertheless, our new recommendation today is from the Middle Kingdom and is centered on a high growth theme that has a lot of momentum behind it.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 694

September 19, 2019

A Fed rate cut was offset by Mideast uncertainty but our portfolio soldiered on having another positive week. The Emerging Market Signal is just short of turning positive due to the lack of a clear uptrend but we have a new recommendation at the heart of “The Internet of Things”.

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Cabot Global Stocks Explorer 693

September 5, 2019

Emerging markets are seeing a boost from positive news out of Hong Kong and on the U.S.-China front. Our Emerging Markets Timer has raced higher in recent days, putting it within striking distance of a new buy signal. Our new recommendation comes from an unexpected country, but a well established semi-monopoly industry.

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