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Cabot Explorer 749

November 23, 2021

With the short holiday week and only three trading days since last week’s update, we will go directly to a new recommendation. Markets welcomed the nomination of Jerome Powell as head of the Fed for another term, believing that he will keep interest rates low through early next year. As for our stocks, Cloudflare (NET) had a down day yesterday but we have no change in recommendation.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday.

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Cabot Explorer 748

November 11, 2021

Inflation stays high, infrastructure week arrives, and Rivian stock surges while markets sold off a bit yesterday. The weakness yesterday halted some good rallies among Explorer stocks. We continue to explore new ideas and for this week’s recommendation, we go into the Cloud for a familiar name.

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Cabot Explorer 747

October 28, 2021

Facing the usual uncertainty and mixed earnings reports, stocks were a bit choppy this week, prompting the Explorer to exit two positions (details inside). Conversely, Novonix (NVNXF) is up over 100% since August and Cloudflare (NET) continues its strong upward trend. This week we highlight the supply-chain chaos and recommend a new company that’s helping its clients untangle and profit from the disruption.

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Cabot Explorer 746

October 14, 2021

In a market facing inflation, a Taiwan potential takeover, rising oil prices, Explorer stocks had a good week, especially Cloudfare (NET), up twenty points for the week and Sea (SE) is back up to 350, up 7% yesterday. We need to remain confident and my pick today is a niche player in corporate aviation markets.

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Cabot Explorer 745

September 30, 2021

Novonix (NVNXF) shares broke above 5 this week and have more than doubled since early August even as the market is under pressure due to the slowing of federal stimulus, China’s property debt issues, and some increase in interest rates and inflation.

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Cabot Explorer 744

September 16, 2021

U.S. stocks struggle a bit to regain momentum as Hong Kong’s Hang Seng and China’s Shanghai Composite contract. Investors seem to be taking a close look at valuations as markets from Japan to Europe trade at lower valuations. The big $3.5 trillion spending bill is spooking U.S. markets and splitting U.S. Senators. Today our new recommendation is a play on the aging baby boomer generation, which will increasingly require more medical attention.

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Cabot Explorer 743

September 9, 2021

Markets are facing end-of-the-summer doldrums as concerns about job and Covid growth dampen enthusiasm. We move two stocks from buy to hold, while on the positive side, Cloudflare (NET) shares are up 73% this year and Novonix (NVNXF) shares are up 58% in the last 10 days of trading. Today we have a new semiconductor-related idea for you in an area usually overlooked by investors.

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Cabot Explorer 742

August 19, 2021

Stocks slipped a bit yesterday after minutes from the Federal Reserve’s last meeting showed officials increasingly in agreement about pulling back on the central bank stimulus. This was prompted by increasing evidence of mounting inflation. Markets are a bit choppy against this backdrop but earnings continue to be relatively strong, such as Sea Limited (SE) posting another superlative quarter yesterday. This week you will see I have divided Explorer stock updates into two categories: “trading” and “buy and hold,” as we turn to clean tech infrastructure for a new recommendation.

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Cabot Explorer 741

August 5, 2021

Explorer stocks had an unusually quiet week as the Delta variant and weaker-than-expected job growth gave markets something to worry about. Meanwhile, the economy moves ahead. In particular, the pace of U.S. electric vehicle sales doubled in the first half of 2021 as we try to catch up to other parts of the world. Today’s recommendation is an indirect but powerful way to play this accelerating trend.

Please join me for the 9th Annual Smarter Investing, Greater Profits Online Conference, August 17-19. We have an incredible line-up of experts ready to share their best picks.

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Cabot Explorer 740

July 22, 2021

While concerns over the Covid Delta variants are escalating, the market has steadied as the week progressed as 85% of S&P 500 companies have exceeded analysts’ Q2 earnings expectations, according to FactSet. Still, investors remain moderately cautious and relatively risk averse. Today’s new recommendation is an overlooked stellar fund run by none other than value investor Bill Ackman.

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Cabot Explorer 739

July 8, 2021

Markets struggled for direction this week as data coming in is mixed and growth and inflation battle for a “goldilocks” middle ground. The controversy over DiDi’s recent IPO has Chinese-listed U.S. stocks in the crosshairs of both China’s regulators and American legislators. Looking ahead, these summer doldrums may just be a precursor to the market continuing its bull run and a bit of a pullback totally in line with the sharp upward swing we have experienced since March 2020. Today we have a pink sheet blue chip clean tech idea of the highest quality.

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Cabot Explorer 738

June 24, 2021

The S&P 500 has now gained 90% since its closing low in March 2020. This alone has made investors a bit cautious but all indications are that we are still in a bull market. Explorer recommendations did well this past week and today we go back to China for a new idea that many of you will know.

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Cabot Explorer 737

June 10, 2021

Markets are a bit subdued with low summertime volatility, though some Explorer recommendations are doing very well in the power sectors of cyber and space. Today we take a look at Brazil, which is struggling with high unemployment, Covid-19 and political instability though we offer a new recommendation in a high-growth sector with a clear uptrend in share price.

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Cabot Explorer 736

May 27, 2021

The Dow Jones Industrial Average celebrated 125 Years yesterday as the index has increased an average of 7.7% each year. Markets continue to consolidate and churn with solid earnings offsetting concerns over inflation and valuations. This week Virgin Galactic (SPCE) took off while overall Explorer positions moved forward. Today’s new recommendation is a big data software stock that is in an uptrend on the back of some big government contracts. Enjoy!

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Cabot Explorer 735

May 13, 2021

Fears and evidence of rising inflation hammered Wall Street this week so today we are selling two lagging positions and adding a blue-chip inflation hedge. The Fed may begin pulling back on monetary stimulus and increasing interest rates. It is possible that all of this is being overdone and that inflation will be only transitory, in which case market bulls will swoop in to buy stocks at some point. We need to stay in the middle. Avoid panic selling and buy conservative quality.

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