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Cabot Income Advisor 1121

November 24, 2021

This is a great time to sell covered calls.

The recent upward movement in the market increases upside speculation, and call premiums have risen. It’s a great time to take advantage of the recent surge in certain stocks to secure a high-income return. Even if the stock gets called, you are taking profits in a very high market ahead of what is likely a choppier environment.

In this issue, I highlight a covered call on the recently red-hot Qualcomm (QCOM). The stock soared 50% in a little over a month but has leveled off in recent days. It’s a great time to secure a huge call premium and lock in a huge income to go along with recent appreciation.

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Cabot Income Advisor 1021

October 27, 2021

You can still find sky-high yields.

Despite the recovery in the overall market, there are still lingering pockets of high yields. It reminds me of the years following the financial crisis. You could still find good stocks that paid a sky-high income relatively easily. But the situation didn’t last. Those high yields on quality stocks evaporated as investors realized the opportunity.

Some of the current high yields probably won’t last long either.

At the same time, it’s a great time for cyclical stocks. The economy is still booming. Plus, we are likely at the point in the economic cycle where such stocks tend to do best. We are likely still in the early stages of a bull market and recovery.

In this issue, I found a stock that benefits from both opportunities. It has a stratospheric 11.5% yield that likely won’t last. At the same time, the yield should be safe and growing as the company is highly cyclical.

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Cabot Income Advisor 921

September 22, 2021

Despite the recent dicey market, there are two great opportunities created by a weird interest rate move that is likely to correct itself in the months ahead.

The yield curve, defined as the difference between short- and long-term interest rates, has flattened as the benchmark 10-year Treasury rate has fallen. The rate has fallen from 1.75% in February to the current 1.31%, despite the stronger economy and persistent inflation.

I believe rates have moved far too low. Interest rates are still well below what has been defined as normal for the last decade. The 10-year rate is still well below the pre-pandemic level. Plus, the benchmark rate averaged between 2% and 3% during both the Obama and Trump Administrations.

Interest rates have fallen too far and are likely to trend higher in the months ahead. Two portfolio stocks benefit from the difference between short and long rates and have been held back by the falling rates. These stocks are likely to move higher as the situation reverses

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Cabot Income Advisor 821

August 25, 2021

The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq just made new all-time highs. Strong earnings and a booming economy are outweighing concerns about the delta variant, the Chinese slowdown, inflation and a Fed tapering of bond purchases.

It’s difficult to say what narrative will be dominant after the summer. The cyclical slump could gain traction or turn around. Much will depend on the headlines, which are unpredictable. While I like the way the current portfolio is positioned, it needs more stocks with momentum that generate high call premiums.

In this issue I highlight for purchase one of the very best financial stocks on the market. Prospects are dazzling over the rest of this year. But the stock is also moving right now. It should offer a quick opportunity to ring the income register with a covered call.

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Cabot Income Advisor 721

July 28, 2021

It’s been a sideways summer market. Perhaps earnings will change that. But summer markets have a tendency to do whatever they were doing before investors stopped paying attention in the dog days of August.

In this issue I highlight a high-paying REIT that has been bucking the trend and moving higher in this market. It presents a timely buying opportunity that can create a call writing opportunity in a short amount of time.

Few income stocks have had consistent upward momentum in this market, but those that do generally fetch higher call premiums. The target buy is a fantastic REIT that pays a high dividend and continues to move higher. It should provide a great income opportunity in an otherwise lackluster summer market.

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Cabot Income Advisor 621

June 23, 2021

Despite last week’s overreaction to the Fed, the market will likely continue sideways for a while for two reasons. One, the market indexes had to take a breather after a massive 90% move higher from the pandemic lows. Two, investors look ahead and can’t decide what will drive the market six months from now after the economy slows and comparisons get tough.

In a sideways market, income is at a premium. Income is the only game in town when stock prices aren’t rising. Dividends roll in regardless of near-term market gyrations. Covered calls greatly enhance that income.

In times like this, a portfolio geared towards high income can provide strong returns while the overall market languishes. In this issue, I highlight two new covered call opportunities that will enable you to ring the register while the market wallows.

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Cabot Income Advisor 521

May 26, 2021

It looks like this relentless bull market is finally stalling out. The market isn’t correcting, or really selling off in any substantial way. It has just stopped moving higher, for now. Given the returns in the past year and recent months, the market had to take a break. That pace couldn’t last.

Stock prices may be stuck in mud for the time being, but there are some fantastic income opportunities out there. Many high-dividend stocks are still well below pre-pandemic prices and offer some of the highest yields in a decade. In this month’s issue I highlight a phenomenal stock with a sky-high yield and a price that’s trending higher.

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Cabot Income Advisor 421

April 28, 2021

The market is still trending higher. But it can’t continue at the recent pace. And a 10% or so correction is possible at any time, especially after such a strong move higher. While the short term is always unpredictable, I’m still bullish over the intermediate and longer term.

With the market looking topsy in the near term, it’s a great time to write covered calls. In this issue, I highlight two call writing opportunities on existing portfolio positions. These calls provide a great way to cash in on a high market without giving away too much upside potential.

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Cabot Income Advisor 321

March 24, 2021

Despite the current tug of war between cyclical and technology stocks for market leadership, financial stocks are likely the best positioned stock sector in the near term as well as for the rest of the year. They offer a complete package of value, momentum and position in the economic cycle.

Financials tend to thrive in the early stages of an economic cycle, which is where we are now. Financial companies also love rising interest rates. Interest rates are already rising and all but certain to keep climbing amidst a booming economy and trillions of stimulus dollars.

While the financial sector has been the second best performing sector on the S&P YTD, it isn’t as overextended as energy. It’s is only up about half as much so far this year.

In this issue I highlight two fantastic financial stocks for purchase. These stocks offer the very rare combination of value and momentum. It’s a great time to get in cheap ahead of great opportunities to write covered calls for a high income in the weeks and months ahead.

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Cabot Income Advisor 221

February 24, 2021

The timing is right for alternative energy.

Alternative energy (also referred to as clean or alternative energy) is by far the fastest growing energy source. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that global renewable power supply will grow 50% in just the next 5 years.

While clean energy has been a story and knocking at the door for a while now, a certain critical mass in growth and development seems to be taking place recently. The market usually gets it. And it’s telling us something.

The iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (ICLN), which tracks 30 stocks in the Global Clean Energy Index, has taken off lately after going nowhere for more than a decade. ICLN soared 100% over the past year and 178% for the past two years, compared to S&P 500 returns of 22% and 44% respectively over the same period.

The market clearly sees big changes looming in the energy sector. It also helps that the Biden Administration will likely reward clean energy companies with more tax breaks and subsidies and other goodies. But more importantly, the focus will draw still more investor attention to the booming growth in alternative energy. And investor intrigue will only accelerate.

This month’s highlighted stock NextEra Energy (NEE) should clearly benefit going forward. It may not be the sexiest clean energy. But it provides a great way for more conservative, income oriented investors to play the trend.

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Cabot Income Advisor 121

January 27, 2021

The S&P 500 is making yet another new all time high. The index has risen 72% since last March and over 17% just since the beginning of October. That’s amazing performance in a short amount of time.

I’m positive on the market for the rest of this year as a full recovery along with low interest rates and massive stimulus should be very positive for stocks. But the market never goes straight up. And a selloff is overdue. It would present a buying opportunity ahead of a promising year.

While I am increasingly cautious in the near term, there are very select places where great value can still be found. And even fewer that historically move independently of the overall market.

In this issue I highlight a stock that moves to its own drummer and not with the market. It is near the low point of its range in a long-term uptrend facilitated by rapid growth in its business. The situation presents an ideal time to buy into the stock now and write calls later.

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Cabot Income Advisor 1220

December 23, 2020

The New Year promises to be a great one for dividend stocks. After underperforming the market in 2020, the stars are aligning to make 2021 the year of the dividend.

The distribution of the coronavirus vaccine promises to bring this pandemic to an end and unleash a full and robust recovery in 2021. Energy stocks that had been neglected in the market recovery have caught fire in anticipation of a full recovery in 2021.

A huge and overdue rally in the sector has paused temporarily ahead of a very promising year, giving us an opportunity to get into one of the very best stocks in the sector at a still cheap price.

Global energy giant Chevron (CVX) currently offers the rare combination of great value and momentum, as well as a fat yield. The stock has already moved higher, the rally has a long way to go.

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Cabot Income Advisor 1120

November 25, 2020

The euphoric vaccine rally has driven the market indexes to all time highs. A vaccine likely means the end of the pandemic, sooner rather than later. The removal of the remaining lockdown restrictions should unshackle the economy and bring on a full and robust recovery.

A full recovery will lift those stocks and sectors that depend on the Main Street economy. It will lift cyclical sectors like energy, finance and hospitality that had not participated in the partial recovery. It’s already happening. The losers of the earlier stock market recovery are on fire.

In this issue I highlight one of the best banks in the country. It is a highly desired stock that should be very quick to recover. The stock has strong momentum and is still priced well below the 52-week high. This issue also highlights two covered call opportunities to cash in on the market rally.

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Cabot Income Advisor 1020

October 28, 2020

These are crazy times. This pandemic-riddled year isn’t done with us yet. In fact, Covid cases are rising and many states are reinstating new batches of lockdown restrictions. At the same time, we’re less than a week away from an election with a high risk of a contested result and the ensuing uncertainty.

At some point, we will get past the election and the pandemic. The economy should boom and the market will be free to rise. But things could still get awfully dicey in the weeks and months before we get to the Promised Land.

In this issue, I highlight a high-income stock that is ideal for the current situation. The business is benefitting mightily from the pandemic. It’s a defensive stock that should continue to perform well amidst the volatility. Yet, it should also be a star in the post-pandemic market.

Not only does this stock pay a high dividend, but it attracts high call premiums as well. It is one of the very few stocks that is well worth buying in the current situation.

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Cabot Income Advisor 920

September 23, 2020

The incredible rally from the March lows has been disrupted. After soaring a remarkable 60% from the March lows, the S&P has pulled back more than 8% from the high. The selloff was long overdue and frankly healthy. It couldn’t continue the torrid pace higher forever.

The recent pullback has put several high quality stocks back in the buy range. In this issue, I highlight one of the very best large companies on the market. The recent turbulence has caused a rare pullback in the price that presents a buying opportunity in a stock that is rarely ever cheap. It also generates substantial call premiums and fantastic income potential.

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